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Is It Over? Don't Stop Advertising!

by Michael Stone

I read a newsletter yesterday from web site that said: "Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke proclaimed last week that the U.S. recession is 'very likely over' and that recovery appears to be underway."

OK, good news, maybe. I am always a little skeptical when a politician or one of their appointees has "Good News". On the other hand, it helps to remain positive. Let's see what our phones do over the next couple of months. That, in my opinion, is the acid test of any recovery.

Remember, to get your phone to ring, you need to be advertising. It will be a long time before the economy is so good that you get calls from potential customers simply because your name is in the phone book. Advertising is something that must be done 24/7/365. If you are advertising, you can survive the downtime and when the economy gets back up and going, you'll do much better than those who haven't been advertising.

In the meantime, do what you have to do to keep your bills paid. That doesn't mean cut your prices, it means hustle, schmooze, get out and press the flesh. Become the best politician you can be and let people know you are running for their jobs.

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