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Insurance Quotes – Getting Paid

By Michael Stone

Insurance work can be good business, but it can also waste your time if the insurance company is playing the three bids game.

Insurance Repair Projects

By Michael Stone

A coaching client shared two recent experiences while doing insurance repair projects. One was positive, one wasn’t.

Insurance Repair Work

By Michael Stone

A construction magazine said half of their subscribers were in the path of a hurricane. How many of those contractors are taking advantage of the potential new business?

Construction Insurance Repair Job That Could Have Gone Bad

By Michael Stone

A friend was doing an insurance job, repairs to an exterior wall. The siding had been improperly installed, and around here, if you don't keep water out you'll see rot.

Markup for Insurance Work – What’s Fair?

By Michael Stone

The truth is, no contractor can survive on 10% overhead and 10% profit.

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