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Business Skills and Your Construction Business

By Michael Stone

It’s easy to think we already know all we need to know. If you want to be successful, continually improve your business skills.

Four Diamonds of Communication

By Michael Stone

Sales is about communicating and interacting positively with others. Those skills make life easier in any delicate conversation.

It’s Not For Us

By Michael Stone

Michael Stone shares about a note from a contractor who initially found the Markup & Profit Revisited book “too extreme” and “not for us” – but now realizes it makes sense.

Investing in Your Business

By Michael Stone

Constant input from others is necessary if you want to stay on top of both your business and your personal life.

Getting Paid

By Michael Stone

If the payment schedule is adjusted after you’ve started a job and they aren’t willing to pay what’s owed, file liens. You must protect your right to be paid.

Business Education and Construction – Willing to Learn

By Michael Stone

At a recent class, I was covering the basics of getting paid for additional work orders. I gave an example to emphasize the necessity of getting paid for your work.

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