Character Matters

By Michael Stone – (Aug 4, 2021)

You can’t always determine if the person you are about to do business with is ethical, but you do know your own behavior. Choosing to operate your business with integrity is within your control.

The Cost of Callbacks

By Michael Stone – (Feb 3, 2021)

Having to return to a previous job and fix something that’s wrong costs money. Knowing the cost of a callback helps you or your crew to be more diligent to avoid them in the future.

Shady Contractors

By Michael Stone – (May 27, 2020)

If you’re doing residential construction, you’ve met all kinds of people. There are also all kinds of contractors, and some of them don’t operate ethically.

What the Future Holds

By Michael Stone – (Dec 4, 2019)

If you were a mouse in my pocket, you’d hear the complaints I hear about both general and specialty contractors who don’t answer the phone or return phone calls.

What You Do in Practice

By Michael Stone – (Oct 16, 2019)

We want to see contractors build stronger businesses and in the process improve the reputation of our industry.

Honest Relationships

By Michael Stone – (Jul 17, 2019)

There are always at least two sides to any scenario, but if you want to stay in business, consider this a lesson on how not to treat a subcontractor.

Doing What’s Right

By Michael Stone – (Aug 1, 2018)

How should you handle a mistake? What if it’s a mistake you made over a decade ago?

A Reputation for Cleanliness

By Michael Stone – (Aug 16, 2017)

Every day we drive by a new home under construction. I don’t know how many people pass this new home every day but I would guess it’s in the thousands; the road is always busy.

Let Them Know What to Expect

By Michael Stone – (Apr 5, 2017)

If you’re doing service work, make sure your client knows what to expect before you start.

Don’t Be This Contractor

By Michael Stone – (May 25, 2016)

 Please don’t be this contractor. Please don’t be that homeowner. 

Thank You Notes

By Michael Stone – (Jan 5, 2016)

I’m a strong proponent of thank you notes. We received a creative note from a contractor the other day.

Getting Involved with a Storm Chaser

By Michael Stone – (Jun 18, 2014)

Last week, a contractor called to ask my opinion on getting involved with storm chasers that were in his area.

Things That Cause Problems, or, How to Upset Your Clients

By Michael Stone – (Mar 20, 2014)

Seven issues that upset clients. And when clients are upset, either you won’t make the sale or you might not get paid.

It’s Time to Change Our Image

By Michael Stone – (Jan 8, 2014)

I have an audacious goal. I’d like to see a shift in the public perception of the construction industry.

As Rude or Opinionated as you can afford to be

By Michael Stone – (Jun 19, 2013)

You don’t want to lose business because of a comment that you post or email. Even if you think it’s hidden in a dark corner, it can cause a problem

Take Charge of Your Company Name

By Michael Stone – (Jan 31, 2013)

Claim your business in local search sites and social media. Almost always free, only takes a minute, might bring in leads, and it will protect your name.

Ten Cardinal Rules for Construction Business Owners

By Michael Stone – (Oct 30, 2012)

Ten Cardinal Rules for a successful construction-related business.

Building Quality Jobs

By Michael Stone – (Oct 27, 2012)

How do you define quality? Who sets the standard?

Close Out Package

By Michael Stone – (Oct 11, 2012)

As you’re walking out the door on a finished project, you want your clients to remember you as the company that went the extra step for them.

A Bait and Switch Scam?

By Michael Stone – (Aug 5, 2011)

Last weekend I passed a billboard on the side of the road. It loudly declared, "We will build your new home for $32 a square foot."

Your Image in a Few Words

By Michael Stone – (Jun 26, 2009)

Have you thought about the image you project? It's important to create an association between what you provide and what your potential client wants or needs.

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