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Have you thought about the image you project to your buying public? It’s important to create an association between what you provide and what your potential client wants or needs. Is there a phrase you can use that says, “What you want is what we do best?”

Many years ago General Mills came up with a tag line for Wheaties. We still call it the “Breakfast of Champions.” One simple phrase endeared Wheaties to both athletes and athlete wanna-bees across the country.

“Can you hear me now?” Although cellular companies are filling more dead spaces across the country, when this Verizon Wireless ad came out it appealed to all of us who were tired of dropped calls.

Another oldie – “Have it your way”. Some of us can still sing the song! It’s a great line, I can see a construction-related company using a similar sentiment.

See how those little phrases stick in your mind? That is what a savvy contractor who wants a niche will find and promote.

As for us – we publish articles and offer products and online classes for construction-related businesses because “We like to see the good guys win”.

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