The Skinny on Change Work Orders

By Michael Stone – (Sep 2, 2020)

A compendium on change work orders on a new home, remodeling or renovation project; why they matter, how to price them, what to include, and more.

Unclear Change Work Orders

By Michael Stone – (Feb 19, 2020)

Pricing changes for a change work order isn’t easy when the scope of work isn’t clear.

Protect Your Business – Change Work Orders

By Michael Stone – (Feb 6, 2019)

Michael discusses a ploy some building owners use to not pay for all of their change work orders. It happens in both residential and commercial projects.

Overhead and Profit on Change Orders

By Michael Stone – (Jan 9, 2019)

You shouldn’t sign a contract that stipulates what you can charge, even if it’s just on the change orders.

Contracts, Change Work Orders, Punch Lists and More

By Michael Stone – (Feb 26, 2014)

A selection of issues that should be written into every contract to protect your profitability.

Specifics on Change Work Orders

By Michael Stone – (May 1, 2013)

Last week we discussed having signed Change Work Orders (or Additional Work Orders). Today we’ll discuss 4 mistakes often made when writing Change Work Orders.

A Homeowner’s Point of View

By Michael Stone – (Jul 16, 2009)

In case you don’t think it’s important to have change work orders signed and paid BEFORE making a change, read this note I received from a homeowner yesterday:

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