Markup or Margin: Be Logical

By Michael Stone

If they tell you the formula to use will make you more profit, that’s baloney. It’s the numbers you use that determines your profit.

Adjusting Your Markup

By Michael Stone

In Markup & Profit Revisited, we explain how to calculate your markup. We’re often asked if you can adjust your markup based on the length of the job.

Bookkeeping, Markup, Taxes, Advertising

By Michael Stone

This week I want to catch up on a few things that have been bothering me.

Adjusting Your Markup Based on the Job

By Michael Stone

Many contractors use a variable markup or margin to price jobs. They believe that in the construction industry you have to reduce the price to get the job.

Markup and Margin Calculations

By Devon Stone

Our newest six-hour class, based on the book “Markup & Profit, A Contractor’s Guide Revisited”, second hour, on markup and margin calculations.

Markup, Margin . . . Does it really matter?

By Michael Stone

If you read the two previous blog posts you know markup and gross margin. Today we'll look at one of the major mistakes made when calculating the sales price.

Using Gross Margin to Price Jobs? Better Use It Correctly

By Michael Stone

Yesterday markup – today gross margin. Let's look at using your gross margin to calculate the correct sales price for your work.

Markup vs Margin and Why You Should Care

By Michael Stone

There’s a lot of confusion over using markup vs margin to price jobs.

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