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Get Ahead of Job Delays

By Michael Stone

Job delays are often caused by the things we don’t see; you can’t stop all delays but you can get ahead of them.

After the Sale; Pre-Job Layout

By Michael Stone

The pre-job conference or pre-job layout is when all the details get ironed out that can easily be forgotten. It’s when the job is handed from sales to production. After this meeting the production manager is in charge.

Residential Construction Quality Standards

By Michael Stone

In residential construction, it’s not unusual for your client to have an unrealistic quality standard. That’s why you need to establish the standard ahead of time.

Doing Work Without a Permit

By Michael Stone

Doing work without a permit is a mistake. Pulling permits protects the homeowner; when a contractor doesn’t want to pull a permit, there’s always a reason.

Finding and Hiring Construction Employees

By Devon Stone

This one-hour presentation by Contractor Staffing Source explains how to find and hire employees for your construction business.

Make Time by Delegating

By Michael Stone

It’s easy to fool yourself into believing it’s better to do it yourself, until you realize the things you’re supposed to do aren’t getting done.

The Cost of Callbacks

By Michael Stone

Having to return to a previous job and fix something that’s wrong costs money. Knowing the cost of a callback helps you or your crew to be more diligent to avoid them in the future.

Clients and Your Job Schedule

By Michael Stone

One of the concerns a homeowner has when they’ve hired a contractor is whether they’ll do what they said they’ll do. It is a legitimate concern. They don’t know what’s going on in your head, only what’s happening with their job.

Setting and Keeping a Schedule

By Michael Stone

The job is sold, schedule is set, project gets started, and suddenly it’s behind schedule. When it happens, it eats into your profit and upsets your clients.

Client Causing Job Delays

By Michael Stone

If you want to lose money on a job, agree to let your client do part of the job or provide their own materials without setting clear boundaries.

Subs or Employees – Are Subs More Expensive?

By Michael Stone

Does subcontracting raise the price of the project?

Getting Jobs Built

By Michael Stone

Three approaches to managing jobs. Also, paying production employees and making sure the work gets done. 

Most Profitable Construction Business Model: Do You Need Employees?

By Michael Stone

What is the most profitable construction business model? Do you need employees? /p>

Subcontractors or Employees?

By Michael Stone

Sometimes they request you use employees instead of subs, or work on a T&M basis. Clients don’t understand how the construction world works. It’s your job to educate them.

Keep Production Time Productive

By Michael Stone

It's time to discuss production issues on construction projects that are often overlooked. Because time wasted on a job comes right out of profit.

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