Design Agreements and the Budget

By Michael Stone – (Feb 17, 2021)

The purpose of a design agreement is to get a commitment from your client to design the project so you don’t have to do the design for free. How do you keep the design within the budget?

Design Agreements Gone Awry

By Michael Stone – (Dec 12, 2018)

We discussed design agreements last week; today we’re going to look at them from another angle. The first step is setting the budget with the client.

Getting the Commitment

By Michael Stone – (Sep 12, 2018)

A contractor in Hawaii sent in a note asking about a few sales issues.

Dishonest Clients

By Michael Stone – (Feb 21, 2018)

We often hear from contractors dealing with a client who, for whatever reason, has decided to change the terms of their contract. Other professionals have the same problem.

Cancelled Design Agreements

By Michael Stone – (Mar 29, 2017)

A call came in from a friend recently. It seems that a client of his wants to cancel a signed design agreement.

The Relationship Between Budget and Design

By Michael Stone – (Jul 29, 2015)

One problem contractors run into is dealing with clients who want to change the scope of the project after signing the design agreement, and not realizing how it might impact their budget.

Design Agreement Contract, Letter of Intent

By Michael Stone – (Nov 6, 2014)

A design agreement allows you to get paid for your work. Don’t waste your effort or your time.

Get a Commitment Before You Invest

By Michael Stone – (Dec 18, 2013)

If you want to make the best use of your time and not allow others to waste your time, don’t estimate major projects without a design agreement.

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