A loss for me . . .

By Michael Stone – (Sep 23, 2010)

On a personal note, I received an email Tuesday morning from the wife of my high school coach.

My Confession – please tell me I’m not the only one!

By Michael Stone – (Aug 11, 2009)

Devon calls me a pack rat, which is unfair – I’m just a collector.

Profitable Sales – A Picture

By Michael Stone – (Jul 21, 2009)

In the book Profitable Sales, I talk about a steep bank along the Oregon Coast. I’ve been asked if it really exists – well, gang, I was there again two weeks ago.

Don’t Cut Corners – Someone will have to fix your mess!

By Michael Stone – (Apr 21, 2009)

Do your work. He would go on to explain the meaning of that phrase and part is if you do something, do it right. Don't cut corners, don't do it good enough, do it right.

Couples in Construction (Working with your spouse)

By Michael Stone – (Feb 14, 2006)

The most profitable construction company today is a husband/wife combination with one other person either supervising the construction or selling for the company.  

Excavating, Digging, Dirt

By Michael Stone – (Aug 21, 2005)

This morning, on my own home, I remembered what it's like to find surprises on a construction project, like a water line that runs from I don't know where to I don't know where.

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