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Thanks to Mark at Tight Access Excavating, this morning we excavated part of our driveway for Devon’s new sewing room. I’d like to say it’s nice to be back on a job again, but it’s not.

Some of you might remember we moved earlier this summer. The house is almost perfect, with the exception of a missing sewing room. I promised Devon it would happen as soon as possible, and now’s the time.

So this morning, I remembered what it’s like to find surprises – like a water line that runs from I don’t know where to I don’t know where. And drain pipes under the concrete that weren’t properly installed in the first place.

As soon as we can figure out how to do it, I’ll include a few pictures just to prove I still know how run a shovel . . .

Michael Stone helping with the excavating - he's the one on the right, without any color in his hair

Mark at Tight Access Excavating, with our helper, a local high school student named Michael

Mysterious water line

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