Definition of Terms

By Michael Stone – (Jun 23, 2021)

What does a general contractor do? What is a specialty contractor? How do remodeling and new construction differ?

Specialty Contractors and Down Payments

By Michael Stone – (Sep 30, 2020)

Should specialty contractors require down payments even when working through a General Contractor?

Who Pays for On-the-Job Training?

By Michael Stone – (Jun 24, 2020)

Training in construction is important, especially with a shortage of employees. A general contractor asked about a subcontractor who is training an apprentice.

Honest Relationships

By Michael Stone – (Jul 17, 2019)

There are always at least two sides to any scenario, but if you want to stay in business, consider this a lesson on how not to treat a subcontractor.

Subs: Take Care of Business

By Michael Stone – (May 15, 2019)

A contractor friend called to complain about problems he’s having with specialty contractors in his area. This isn’t a one-time complaint; I’ve heard the same from others around the country.

Single Discipline Leads, Referral Fees

By Michael Stone – (Mar 21, 2018)

The note stated, “Because I’m the middle man, my subcontractor loses out a potential project.” That’s true, and it’s one reason you shouldn’t get into the position of being a middle man.

Do Your Work

By Michael Stone – (Mar 7, 2018)

For the past few years I’ve had general contractors tell me that they can’t get specialty contractors to return their calls, show up on time or show up at all for a job. Now I’m hearing from generals who are getting calls from subs, looking for work.

Subcontractor Payment Schedules

By Michael Stone – (Sep 27, 2017)

Payment schedules need to be in writing, that includes between a general and specialty contractor.

Who Generated The Lead?

By Michael Stone – (Jan 18, 2017)

When subcontractors or employees are approached, they are obligated to notify the general contractor who brought them there, and let him handle the lead.

Subs or Employees – Are Subs More Expensive?

By Michael Stone – (Jun 1, 2016)

Does subcontracting raise the price of the project?

Getting Quotes from Subs

By Michael Stone – (Jan 13, 2016)

Without a paid design agreement from the client, you aren’t sure you’ll get the job. Your subs are even less sure they’ll get the job.

Who should do the talking?

By Michael Stone – (Mar 25, 2015)

I was asked recently by an electrical supplier, “Why do general contractors often not want their subcontractors to have any communication with the home owner?”

Work Product Exclusion, Hiring Subcontractors

By Michael Stone – (Mar 4, 2015)

Last week’s article discussed the pros and cons of using employees or subcontractors to get jobs built. This week, Myles Corcoran of Myles F. Corcoran Construction Consulting Inc., presents another point of view.

Subs or Employees, That is the Question

By Michael Stone – (Feb 25, 2015)

Recently I’ve had a number of discussions with company owners about how to get their jobs built. It all comes down to using subs or employees, or as some like to say, “Should I be a paper contractor or a real contractor?”

Conduct Business Like a Business Owner

By Michael Stone – (Feb 4, 2015)

One of our coaching clients was telling me about his problems finding a subcontractor for a job. If you’re a general contractor, this might sound all too familiar.

Generals and Subs: Working Together

By Michael Stone – (Dec 10, 2014)

It’s important to define the ground rules of your relationship.

Getting Business as a Sub

By Michael Stone – (Jun 4, 2014)

One of the questions we’re asked most often is how a subcontractor can get jobs. How do you go about meeting general contractors and letting them know you’re available to build their jobs?

Subcontractors or Employees?

By Michael Stone – (May 7, 2014)

Sometimes they request you use employees instead of subs, or work on a T&M basis. Clients don’t understand how the construction world works. It’s your job to educate them.

Hire Your Own Subs

By Michael Stone – (May 3, 2013)

From time to time, you will go out to see a potential client about doing work for them and they’ll ask if they can choose their own subs for their job.

Know Your Cash Flow Needs

By Michael Stone – (Jul 11, 2012)

Contractors have cash flow problems for two major reasons: poor money management, and poor payment schedules.

Business is business

By Michael Stone – (Apr 9, 2012)

We’ve noticed the same problem that we’ve seen with other specialties. They believe that because their work is focused on one thing, their business operates differently.

How Not to Do Business

By Michael Stone – (Mar 15, 2012)

A friend called today with a problem. He subbed his work to a general contractor from the east coast to do a job here on the west coast at a government facility.

Your Clients and Your Subs

By Michael Stone – (Oct 17, 2011)

Now, if you are a subcontractor, it doesn't matter what trade, if a general contractor has hired you to work on a job your obligation is to that general contractor only.

Unlicensed Contractor

By Michael Stone – (Jul 20, 2010)

The old law said that the owner could recover 100% of the money they had paid a contractor if it was found that the contractor did not have a valid license.

General and Specialty Contractor relationships

By Michael Stone – (Feb 28, 2008)

In the last month I’ve heard from more specialty contractors having problems being paid by generals than I’ve heard in years.

Finding and Keeping Good Subs

By Michael Stone – (May 12, 2007)

My biggest challenge as a residential remodeler is obtaining and keeping qualified and experienced sub-contractors willing to do smaller type projects.

Sub-Contractor, General Contractor Relationships

By Michael Stone – (Mar 17, 2006)

We keep hearing complaints about sub-contractors that don't show up on time, if at all. You need to take the time to explain the importance of being on time.

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