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Specializing in Everything

by Michael Stone

I was in New York last week, participating in a workshop to develop the new national test for commercial contractors. I've been involved with this group for the past 3 years. When the test is complete, commercial contractors nationwide will be able to take the test allowing them to work in any state in the nation without having to deal with the differing requirements now heaped on them by the Contractor Licensing agencies of different states. Read more about Specializing in Everything

You Have to Advertise

by Michael Stone

In Minnesota last week, over a two-day period, I had a total of 663 people in 5 classes. Granted, some of the attendees were in more than one class, but that is a large group of businesspeople in Minnesota who understand that education is the key to survival, both in today's economy and long-term. The Central Minnesota Builders Association sponsored the 2008 Builders Expo and they did an outstanding job of organizing and running the event. Read more about You Have to Advertise



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