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Marketing is just like planting seeds

by Michael Stone

For those who don’t understand the need for an ongoing marketing and advertising program for your business, let me try this analogy:

Farmers know and understand that if they want a crop, they have to plant seeds. If they don’t plant, they won't get a crop. No seeds, no crop. Real simple.

Contractors who are successful in this business know and understand that if they want a crop, they have to plant seeds. The seeds are their marketing and advertising. They are planting seeds when they let others know about their company and the services they provide. If seeds are planted, potential clients will know about the company and know who to call. If the seeds aren't planted, no one will call. Contractor plants the seed when they advertise, and the client is the crop when they call.

And if you're planting seeds but not getting a crop, make sure your seeds are good. Maybe you need to make some changes there.

And we all know that when you plant seeds, you have to wait for them to grow. If you want an ongoing crop, year-round, you have to be planting year-round.

Can it get any simpler?


A good way to plant seeds is simply by picking up the phone and calling your customers. This can be difficult thing for some people to do so, I suggest you start by calling you best customers. You will get a mix of responses, including I need your help or we are good right now. I can speak from personnel experience that this really works!

Another great post on the importance of marketing in this difficult time for the building industry. Builders are notoriously bad at marketing, although they seem to be getting better. Blogs like yours can only help!


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