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Check your August sales and production to be sure they match company goals. It’s getting late to play catch up so stay on target. If your sales are behind, you need to adjust your overhead spending to be sure you don’t blow through the money you are projecting as profits. It’s easy to blow through profit and end the year with nothing (or worse) so check now and adjust if needed.

Check to make sure you’re maintaining a balance of sales with the number of employees that you have working. Look in Markup and Profit Revisited, chapter 6 for information on how to keep employees and volume in balance.

Are you handwriting thank you cards? Send them to previous clients, leads that didn’t sell, suppliers, subs, etc. They are a marvelous way to keep in touch with others in both your business world and your personal life as well, and a handwritten card gets noticed. Start with one each day and build from there.

Is your employee manual up-to-date? Have all of your employees signed off that they’ve read and agree to abide by the manual? If not, you’re taking a huge risk. We often hear from contractors dealing with employee issues that could have been prevented with a signed employee manual.

Continue ads out for fall work (November, December & January).

Check that your employees are wearing the proper clothing on job sites. A good way to get a claim against your company is allowing your employees to work in the elements without protective clothing.

It’s time to place your ads for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas specials. Properly written and displayed, these specials can generate lots of good, new business.

Start planning ads for winter work (January, February & March)

Check that all your subcontractor‘s licenses, bonds and insurance is up-to-date. Remember; get your information directly from the subs carrier about their coverage; trust but verify. You’ll pay if they aren’t insured to the level required by your carrier.

Run a check on all equipment assigned to your employees. Be sure they have each item, and that it’s in working order. When they get busy, it’s easy to forget the basics and guess who pays for the extra labor required when tools don’t work, or have been lost or broken?

While you’re at it, run a spot check on all company blades and bits. Dull ones cost time and money.

Check that all company trucks are kept clean and organized, especially if you do service work. Also make sure they aren’t dripping oil, which can upset a client or potential client when they find an oil spot on their driveway. You won’t be called back if your vehicle leaves a mess.

Remind your employees they are not allowed to smoke while on any of your projects. This is another thing that will irritate your client, and smoke smells can’t be easily fixed once they’ve happened. Don’t risk losing potential referrals. By the way, the same goes for loud, obnoxious radios.

Have you done a random drug test on your employees of late? If not, now would be a good time to do another round.

Have you read one hour today about this business? Continuing your education is one thing that all successful business owners have in common.

Make amends with your family members, forgive and forget. Life is too short to be fussing with family members and besides, you don’t need the distraction.

Take time for your little ones and your spouse. That is the most precious gift you can give.

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