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by Michael Stone

If you shoot rifles or handguns, or maybe you're an archer or just a peashooter, you know it's hard to hit a target you can't see. The same applies to your business. Read more about Goals


by Michael Stone

Transparency, as I understand it, is opening your books to your potential clients and showing them all the numbers pertaining to a job you are quoting. Read more about Transparency

My Wish List

by Michael Stone

May I make a wish list?

That suppliers and manufacturers would stop using pictures of guys and gals wearing a brand new tool belt. Those new belts haven't spent a minute on a job site, they even look stiff and uncomfortable. Worse, the screwdrivers, hammers and pliers have no paint or dirt on them. Come on suppliers, get real.

That contractors would pay attention to their websites, recognizing that the website might be the first impression a client has of them. And that they would put their company name and phone number at the top of each page. Read more about My Wish List