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Valentine's Day

by Michael Stone

Hey gang, it is that time of year again.

Valentine's Day is almost here and you would do well to remember it. Gifts, cards, flowers, etc. are all well and good, but don't forget the most important one of all. "I Love You." Tell that to everyone close to you, male and female alike. Read more about Valentine's Day

Specializing in Everything

by Michael Stone

I was in New York last week, participating in a workshop to develop the new national test for commercial contractors. I've been involved with this group for the past 3 years. When the test is complete, commercial contractors nationwide will be able to take the test allowing them to work in any state in the nation without having to deal with the differing requirements now heaped on them by the Contractor Licensing agencies of different states. Read more about Specializing in Everything

Elect Your Construction Business

by Michael Stone

I have talked at length about the housing decline many are facing. This is another in a long line of economic ups and downs we have to deal with in construction. I have been through 8 of these swings now and trust old dad, we always come out of it. Some swings test us a little more than others, but we always come back. Read more about Elect Your Construction Business

You Have to Advertise

by Michael Stone

In Minnesota last week, over a two-day period, I had a total of 663 people in 5 classes. Granted, some of the attendees were in more than one class, but that is a large group of businesspeople in Minnesota who understand that education is the key to survival, both in today's economy and long-term. The Central Minnesota Builders Association sponsored the 2008 Builders Expo and they did an outstanding job of organizing and running the event. Read more about You Have to Advertise

Hunter Education Instructor - In My Spare Time

by Michael Stone

You've read my blurbs encouraging you to stay focused on your education. The more you know, the better you will become at running your construction-related business.

I spent last weekend in a small town in Oregon, at a rifle range way up in the hills. I took a certification class to become a Range Safety Officer. The class was taught by two certified instructors for the NRA. They love to teach and want to promote safe hunting and shooting events. Read more about Hunter Education Instructor - In My Spare Time

Construction Conference in Minnesota

by Michael Stone

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I leave for St. Cloud, Minnesota, where it is 189 degrees below zero. Do you know how cold that is?

I will be participating in the Builders Expo conference sponsored by the Central Minnesota Builders Association. I start the conference off with the first class at 8 am on Markup, Margins and Cash Flow, and follow it with three more classes throughout the day. Long day, but I know it will be fun. Read more about Construction Conference in Minnesota

Fishing in the Snow

by Michael Stone

Last October, I wrote about fishing in the snow in Bend, Oregon. It happened again, and this time I have pictures. Of course, snow in December is to be expected!

My son took these pictures, what they don't show is that my toes were freezing. We didn't catch a thing, but it was a grand time.

Michael fishing on the Fall River in Bend, Oregon Read more about Fishing in the Snow

Generate Leads

by Michael Stone

If you are a general contractor, talk with your subs about work they are doing away from your jobs. Ask them to hand your business card and flyer to all their clients. Read more about Generate Leads