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Listed below are forms from Appendix II of the book, “Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide”

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Note: All legal forms are samples only, and must be reviewed by your attorney before use to make sure they conform to the laws where you do business.

Company Presentation Book

Selection Consultation Agreement

Design Agreement – A

Design Agreement – B

Demolition and Discovery Agreement

Feasibility Study

Letter of Intent – A

Letter of Intent – B

Proposal for Repair or Replacement Services

Insurance Proceeds Agreement

Roofing Estimate Agreement

Realtor Estimate Agreement

Sales Goals for Year (word processing document)

Sales Goals for Year (spreadsheet)

Calculate the Cost of a Lead

Monthly Lead Report

Projected Goals / Actual Sales Report (word processing document)

Projected Goals / Actual Sales Report (spreadsheet)

Pushing The Door Bell (word processing document)

Pushing The Door Bell (spreadsheet)

Sales Commission Adjustment

Job Layout Sheet

Quotation Request

New Job Checklist

Post Job Completion Checklist for Salesperson


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