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Ten Cardinal Sales Rules

by Michael Stone

  1. You shall return all phone calls the same day or by 9 AM the next day.
  2. You shall keep ALL appointments, and on time.
  3. You shall always be prepared to make a sale.
  4. You shall always qualify the customer to buy from you, not sell to them.
  5. You shall not offer freebees, but get paid for all you do.
  6. You shall keep an Objections book, up to date, regularly reviewed.
  7. You shall continue your education, reading at least one hour each day.
  8. You shall get written quotes or estimates on all items exceeding $300 on your estimates.
  9. You shall not do Cost Plus or Time and Material Contracts unless for service work.
  10. You shall set weekly, monthly and yearly sales and income goals.


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Sarah Tharp replied on 05/29/11:
I am big fan of Micheal Stone, I have read and re-read Mark-up and Profit. I am syked to read the next book!


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