Just a quick reminder.

Be sure to put a limit on the length of time your proposals are valid. That time should be a maximum of 3 working days, no more.

Prices continue to zip up and down and if you don’t put a time limit on your price, your customer might call months later and expect you to build their castle at less than your cost. That’s not a game you want to play.

Also, keep in mind that quotes should be verbal until you know the customer has made a commitment to a contract. It takes time to write a quality contract, and you shouldn’t spend the time until you know they intend to sign. If they want something in writing but won’t make a verbal commitment, there is usually a reason. Keep asking questions, there is a good chance they want itemization so they can shop the job, or they need a quote for their insurance company or a real estate agent. If that’s the case, make them pay for it. You are not in the business of working for free.

I’ll talk more later about how to get paid for written quotes.

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