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During a recent class I taught on Markup and Profit, it was very clear that many in the audience did not know or understand that their sales volume (i.e., jobs sold, built and collected), must support the amount of money the owner of a company is paid.

A good check for a remodeling or specialty contractor to use is to divide your salary by .08. If that number is not less than or equal to your sales, you could be taking too much money out of your business.


You want a salary of $75,000 for the next 12 months.

Then . . .

$75,000 / .08 = $937,500

That means you must sell, build and collect $937,500 in business or you can’t take out the $75,000 as a salary.

If you only sell $643,962, then your salary can only be:

$643,962 x .08 = $51,517.

Drawing too much salary for the sales volume is one of the top three reasons for cash flow problems.

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