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We Like to See The Good Guys Win!

March, 2019

by Michael Stone

Check your February, 2019 sales and production numbers. Be sure they match or exceed the goals you set for the month. If you are doing a good job of schmoozing and advertising, your website all tuned up, your sales should be right where they belong.

Check your tools, equipment and vehicles. Perform any maintenance needed and get your equipment ready to work. If you have riding equipment, make sure the seat is in good order and comfortable to sit on. A sore posterior from having to sit on a worn out seat all day does nothing to improve the operation of a Bobcat, backhoe or mower.

Now is the time to put ads out for employees needed for anticipated summer work. Make sure you have an Employee Manual in place before you hire. (Check out ours as a starting place if you don't have one.)

Plan your ads for summer work (July - August - September). It’s not too early. Good help is hard to come by today so you need to let applicants know you have an opening or two.

Check maintenance schedule for your office building. There are still many parts of the country with freezing temperatures at night. Be sure your pipes are covered, hose bib covers still on. If you have to use a hose, disconnect it as soon as you are done with it.

Your tax preparation for 2018 should be done and off to your CPA for final prep. Be sure to get a completion date when you drop it off.

Check that all your subcontractors license, bond and insurance are up to date. Do you have a Subcontractor Manual in place yet? If not, ours is a great place to start.

Take your wife/husband on a date, show them you care. Guys, a single rose for your lady is always nice. Especially when it's obviously not from your neighbor's yard. She'll love the surprise.