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Check that your January sales and production match your company goals. Now you will get to see the results of all the planning you did back in November and December.

Continue assembling tax information for 2022 and get it to your CPA. This should be done as soon as you can get it all together. Be sure and get a time commitment from your CPA as to when they will have your returns done and ready for you to sign and pay your dues to Uncle Sam. Taxes are the price we pay for the opportunity to do business.

Make sure your subs all have a current license, bond and insurance. Don’t let anyone work on a job that isn’t completely covered. Get the insurance paperwork directly from the carrier, not the sub.

Review your subcontractor contracts and adjust them as needed to cover any weaknesses that showed up last year. If you don’t have a subcontractor agreement, take a look at ours and get started.

The same holds true for your employee manual. If you didn’t get it done last fall, now’s the time to clean up any weak spots and have your employees review and sign an updated copy. If you don’t have an employee manual, we have one that can help you get started.

Remember to have all new employees sign your employee manual. This should be a condition of employment.

Place ads for employees needed for anticipated spring work. Find them and get after the people you may need. Look now before the good ones are hired by other companies. Save yourself time and trouble by hiring Contractor Staffing Source.

Continue placing ads for spring work (April, May, June) in whatever medium you’ve found that works for your company. If potential clients don’t know you’re available, they’ll buy from someone else. Working by referral (word of mouth) doesn’t work long term in this industry.

Start planning ads for summer work (July, August, and September).

Production staff should be checking all your equipment for maintenance and proper working order. Equipment can also include hand tools and vehicles. Don’t assume that something is running okay. Check it thoroughly and make the necessary repairs while you have the time. Fire it up, goose it, and see if it growls or does funny things. Blue smoke isn’t good. Now would also be a good time for you to drive each of your vehicles and make sure they are all in good operating condition and that maintenance is being performed on schedule. Check the lighting and all reflectors, including your trailers, and check that all your licenses and paperwork are current.

While we’re thinking about tools and equipment, have you lent anything out to other contractors, or worse, to family members? Let’s get those things back and from now on if someone wants to borrow something, give them the phone number of the local equipment rental agency. No more Mr. Nice Guy or Gal. You’re running a business, and that equipment needs to be available and in top shape at all times.

Take your wife/husband on a date. How about an extended date to a warm climate?

Also, be liberal with what we call the Big Hug. One size fits all. No waiting. Grab your spouse and kids and give them a Big Hug. A healthy marriage and family life helps to maintain a healthy business.

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