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We Like to See The Good Guys Win!

February, 2019

by Michael Stone

Check that your January sales and production match your company goals. This is when you'll start seeing the results of all the planning you did back in November and December.

Continue assembling tax information for 2018 and get it to your CPA. This should be done as soon as you can get it all together. Ideally this would have been done back in January but if it hasn’t been done yet, set a date to make it happen. Get after it and get it done.

Be sure to ask for a commitment from your CPA on when they'll have your returns done and ready for you to sign so you can pay Uncle Sam as needed. Taxes are the price we pay for the opportunity to do business in this country.

Review your subcontractor contracts and adjust them as needed to cover any weaknesses that showed up last year. If you don't have a good subcontractor agreement manual, start with ours.

The same holds true for your employee manual. It's a great time to clarify any weak spots in it and have your employees review and sign the updated copy. If you don't have an employee manual, start with ours.

Place adds online for employees needed for anticipated spring work. Get right after finding the people you need. Now is the best time to look for employees before the good ones are hired by your competitors. Remember to have all new employees sign your employee manual; it should be a condition of employment.

Continue placing ads for projects this spring (April, May, June) in whatever medium works for you and your company. Remember, focus your ads to the specialty that is most profitable for your business. Consumers today want specialists, not generalists.

Start planning ads for summer work (July, August, September)

If they aren't busy, put production staff to work checking equipment for maintenance and proper working order. Equipment can also include hand tools and vehicles. Don't assume that something is running okay. Check it thoroughly and make the necessary repairs while you have the time and before something breaks down and costs you big bucks to fix right in the middle of a tight job schedule.

Now would also be a good time (unless you have too much snow) to drive each of your vehicles and make sure they are all in good operating condition and that maintenance is being performed on schedule. Check for burned out light bulbs, and make sure all licenses and insurance paperwork is current.

Check that all your subcontractors license, bond and insurance are up to date. Don't let anyone work on your job that is not completely covered. Be sure that the insurance confirmation from the insurance carrier, not the sub.

Take your wife/husband on a date. How about an extended date to a warm climate? Or, just heat up the fireplace and look at pictures of warm places. A little imagination goes a long way.