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Same song, another verse. Check that your March sales and your production numbers match your company goals. It’s important to stay on top of your numbers. If you’re falling behind in sales, how’s your advertising? Your numbers don’t lie so if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Look at your business expenses and your sales numbers and compare them to those in our Markup and Profit Revisited book, pages 36, 37 and 38. If your percentages are significantly different, make a plan to get things right.

If you’re just now getting your federal taxes done, did you procrastinate because you were worried about what you’d discover when the numbers were crunched? Taxes are a distraction, but they’re also a requirement. Stay focused and don’t procrastinate, so get on them and get them done. If you don’t like what you see, start today to make changes so you don’t experience the same pain next year. Let’s do it right in 2022. If you need some help, please read this page.

Do first quarter taxes. Let’s Get-R-Done.

It is near time to schedule the de-winterizing of your buildings and vehicles if needed. Set a date and get after it. These are the chores that can get away from you if they aren’t scheduled.

Consider ads for summer work (July, August and September). It is not too early to do your advertising for work coming up. By the time you get your ads done and out the door, summer will be here and hopefully potential customers will be looking for someone to help them get jobs built.

We’ve partnered with a company who has a proven system for finding qualified people specifically for the construction industry, and has a 90% success rate of finding production and office employees who stay.  Their service isn’t inexpensive but finding quality employees is invaluable. For more information, visit Contractor Staffing Source here.

Check that all your subcontractor licenses, bonds and insurance are up to date. I’ve hounded about this since we started our newsletters back in 2001. Some subs say they are licensed and insured, but aren’t. Get documentation, from the insurance agent not from the sub. This can be a disaster waiting to happen, protect yourself.

May I ask a kindness? If your parents are still around, let them know you love them. You won’t realize until they’re gone how special their voices are. You might not be able to visit but you can call. The past can’t be changed, but you can make the future better. Trust me, I know, once mom and dad are gone, all chances to fix things are gone.

Take your wife/husband or significant other on a date, maybe even a hot date, even if it’s at a drive-through restaurant. Whisper sweet things in their ear and buy them an ice cream cone. Nothing in this world says, “I love you” like an ice cream cone.

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