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Making the Numbers Work in Construction

Construction Business Management Training Class, Santa Ana
Santa Ana, California, Spring 2015

A two-day class to strengthen and build your business taught by Michael Stone, author of the book Markup & Profit Revisited. Michael discusses the issues that cause most contractors to lose money. These are also the topics he deals with most often in his coaching and consulting.

After two days with Michael, you'll know how to:

  • Create more accurate estimates in less time
  • Compute your correct markup and gross margins and use that information to sell profitable jobs, hire new employees and purchase new equipment and vehicles
  • Calculate your breakeven
  • Set your own salary and get paid every two weeks
  • Reviewing and refining your Profit and Loss statements
  • Set up a simple system for job costing
  • Write a solid contract that protects both you and your client.
  • Write change work orders, when to write them and how to charge for them
  • Write and work with punch lists, making sure you only have one per job
  • Work with formulas designed to give you the information you need to guarantee a financially profitable company
  • Complete a year-end review and build a plan for each coming year to make it even better

There will also be ample question and answer opportunities, where you can receive input from Michael as well as others in the class on specific issues and problems concerning your business.

"Thank you both so much for your time and energy during our Dallas class . . . I don’t recall having ever attended any continuing education class that generated as much enthusiastic & positive discussion outside of the class itself! . . .  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your great knowledge with us. You’ve forever changed the way I’ll run my business and support my family!"

"It was a pleasure to take your class, eye opening and informative. It did not escape me that veteran contractors and repeat attendees were in the audience with us. To reach new entrants as well as those well entrenched in the market speaks highly for the quality and usefulness of your service."

The class is two full days of thoughtful analysis, hard work and great lunches. You'll get the info and support you need to run a financially profitable company, pay yourself a fair salary and take care of your family. Read comments from each class below, or view the videos made by attendees.

NOTE: Oregon licensed contractors can receive 12 hours continuing education credit.

Portland, Oregon


Thursday and Friday, October 24-25, 2019


Holiday Inn Portland Airport (I-205)
8439 NE Columbia Boulevard
Portland, Oregon

$495 per attendee (10% discount for two or more from the same company)


The Holiday Inn Portland Airport is 2 miles south of the Portland International Airport in Oregon. A free airport shuttle is available; parking will be $3/day for local attendees.

Previous Class Dates and Locations

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Sep, 2017 -- Anaheim, CA
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May, 2017 -- Salt Lake City, UT
Apr, 2017 -- Pittsburgh, PA
Apr, 2017 -- St. Louis, MO
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Oct, 2016 -- Santa Fe, NM
Oct, 2016 -- Denver, CO
Sep, 2016 -- Boston, MA
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Sep, 2016 -- Portland, OR
Apr, 2016 -- Rochester, NY
Apr, 2016 -- Baltimore, MD
Mar, 2016 -- Kansas City, MO
Mar, 2016 -- Atlanta, GA
Mar, 2016 -- Phoenix, AZ
Mar, 2016 -- Indianapolis, IN
Jan, 2016 -- San Diego, CA
Jan, 2016 -- Oakland, CA
Dec, 2015 -- Dallas, TX
Nov, 2015 -- Portland, OR
Oct, 2015 -- Las Vegas, NV
Oct, 2015 -- Bloomington, MN (Minneapolis)
Sep, 2015 -- Charlotte, NC
Sep, 2015 -- Roanoke, VA
Apr, 2015 -- Worthington, OH (Columbus)
Mar, 2015 -- Santa Ana, CA
Nov, 2014 -- Elmsford, NY

Class Details (click to open)


9 am to 4 pm Thursday, with a one hour lunch break at noon
8 am to 3 pm Friday, with a one hour lunch break at 11:30 am
Lunch is provided both days

Day 1
Markup, Margins and Cash Flow
Day 2
Breakeven, Profit & Loss, Job Costing
Contracts, Change Work Orders, Punch lists, Sales
The #'s of Your Business


$495 per attendee (10% discount for two or more registered at the same time)


Lunch (both days); morning coffee and pastries; afternoon cookies and soda
A 124 page spiral-bound handout of the presentation with space for note-taking
Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide Revisited (one book for every two registered at the same time)
Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide (one book for every two registered at the same time)

We'll ship the books about 2-3 weeks prior to class. If you want them earlier just let us know. Class attendees from outside the United States will receive their books at the class.

The spiral-bound handout will be provided the first day of class.

I already own the books, is there a discount if the books aren't included?
Our price is for the class, the books are an add-on. We don't offer a discount if you already own the books. We recommend gifting the books to another contractor, or, if you prefer, you can decline them.

Cancellation / No-Show Policy

100% refund if cancelled 4 weeks prior
50% refund if cancelled 2 weeks prior
No refund if cancelled within 2 weeks

A 3-day notice is required if you can't attend and want to transfer your registration to a future class, with the understanding that there is no guarantee future classes will happen. That means if class begins Thursday morning, you must notify us no later than 8 am Pacific the Monday before if you want to attend a different class.

If the 3-day notice is not provided, you can attend any future class but will need to pay an additional $150 to cover food and other expenses incurred.

Questions? Send us a note.

Comments From Attendees (click to read)

Will you be able to use what you learned in this class to:

make your business more profitable?
Yes - 100%

become a better business owner?
Yes - 100%

What would you tell a fellow contractor who is considering attending this course?
• Take the class as soon as possible
• It's necessary information for running your business and to keep it from running you
• Every contractor / business owner should get this knowledge
• Very good! Incredibly informative
• It has info that everyone can take something away with to help their business
• I don't care how long you have been in this business. I strongly recommend this class.
• This class can help you get your "stuff" together
• You need this class
• Time and money well spent
• This was a great program. Very helpful to understanding the business
• Highly recommend
• Invaluable tool for your business!
• Definitely attend it & attend again in a few years as a refresher
• Get there ASAP! You cannot afford to wait!!!
• Apply the principles and see what happens
• Extremely valuable
• If you want to learn how to be successful and make money, go!
• Definitely worth the time. Make time to go, don't just go if you think you have time
• Be ready to make changes to how you do business
• I think this class would be helpful to anyone new in the trades, or as a litmus test or progress check on developed companies.
• Worth every penny!
• I should have signed up 5 years ago
• Definitely attend with an open mind
• Take it, your family will thank you
• Take it. It will be well worth it! Eye-opening! Should have taken it a long time ago!
• Only if they're not my competition
• 100% worth it
• I think it is the best decision
• If you want to make a profit, go to this class
• You must attend!
• It's a no-brainer. . . Take the class
• You must attend this class if you want to be successful
• Very informational. A must attend business seminar. Direct & Accurate information
• I would highly recommend it to them. He shows you the right way along with an example.
• Invaluable business experience. If you "think" you are having issues with your company - sign up before it's too late!
• I would tell them that they should attend
• I would recommend it to any residential GC, not commercial
• Drop what you are doing immediately and sign up for the next class regardless of where it is at. The same cost to attend will get covered back to them in a month or two! Just go!
• Very informative!
• The formulas taught here will guide you
• Depending on what point of their business they are in, they should take the class
• Expect to learn the proper way of running a business and be prepared to change or adjust their current way
• Michael is an awesome teacher! He has enormous knowledge and experience! This 'training' course will show you how to do business Awesome guy - he will change your business life!
• I'd tell them this is the best course they could take to be successful and pro-active in their business. If contractors would just read the books, and DO the yearly forecasting, they can be pro-active and guide their own direction instead of just reacting to every bad situation.
• If you want the tools to help your company be profitable, this would be the course to take.
• Have an open mind
• Def. do it. Good in-depth information
• Even if you think you got it all figured out I guarantee you will learn at least 5 new tips or ways to grow your business
• Take it!! We have been in business for 38 years and I'm still learning
• He would get a lot of good info from the class
• A lot for your money and industry specific - two resources hard to come by
• Take the time to better themselves and their company
• Michael says it straight. His advice has already saved my business
• This is a must for any contractor. Too many are not charging enough for their services.
• The perfect start to turning your business around
• Absolutely do it, sooner than later!
• I would mention for them to attend, the networking opportunities with others attending. Business card exchange
• Take Mike's course, it will change your thought process
• Recommend for some fundamentals on the business of contracting
• Keep an open mind but material is invaluable. Incorporate changes and don't fall back into old practices
• Helpful principles & process to insure & protect profitability (ie, markup, change orders, contracts, estimating)
• Do it / a lot of numbers but worth it
• Get ready to learn some great stuff!
• Do it! You'd be surprised at how much you don't know!!
• Great info - some new, some review. Checks & Balances are great
• Great to sharpening your skills and knowledge of yardstick. Makes you reflect on yoru strengths and weaknesses
• It’s a must to survive in the industry
• Michael is a great, informative, easy person to listen to. You will learn something for sure, or make you change your business practices once you finish his class
• They need to go to fine tune their practices. And to know how to encounter the clients of todays market
• Take the class. There is so much to learn. If you only pick up one or two things they could save you thousands and hours of headaches
• That they will benefit from the course in ways they did not realize
• It’s a great template for getting your business on track
• You will get lots of ideas on how to improve your business
• A must - worth every dime - 10x value
• It is definitely worth attending in order to improve your estimates and contracts at the very least
• Class is full of useful information that will improve your business and in turn improve your life and family's life
• You need it. It should be a requirement to all contractors
• Was definitely worth the time and money. Was a wakeup call to start doing things differently to start making more money and working smarter
• You can't afford NOT to attend this course.
• If they have any holes in their procedures, policies, contracts . . . This class will help you identify them and teach you how to solve them.
• Michael covers all important aspects of bidding and enjoyed his sales presentation for contractor to homeowner
• It was a great business class for all ages and levels
• Do it! This class will alow you to not only stay in business, but to enjoy it and be able to retire someday
• Well worth the time will keep you in business
• If they care to improve company, cont. ed is important. This class is excellent
• Definitely do it. It wil pay for itself if applied!
• The most valuable training hands down
• -Go with an open mind - Go with a clear thought
• Do it - I wish I had known this information when I started business 20 years ago
• We always think we are too busy to take time for training. We forget that you have to make time to get time. Training allows us to learn and implement systems and processes that will net us more time
• The class could change their financial future in a positive way
• If you want to stay in business, you need to know your numbers. This class will teach you how
• Very informative to help grow your business
• This will be the best 2 days you will spend regarding the future success of your business
• Would highly recommend generals attend. LOADS of info for them
• This course is absolutely necessary for someone in the contracting business
• Definitely recommend this class, to get on track & make a profit!
• "Wisdom is found in the council of many." Between Michael's 56 years of experience along with the 30 class members in attendance, there is an abundance of wisdom and knowledge to be gleaned from this seminar. Well worth the price. Only wish I would have had these classes 12 years ago
• I would encourage any contractor. Michael is very knowledgeable & is worth the time
• As a commercial roofing contractor I got things that I can put into my business next week. Worth every penny
• An absolute must. If you aren't growing and learning, you are withering on the vine
• I wish more people would take this class, it benefits the entire industry
• It is a great class to get your business in line with winning & profitable principles
• Don't even give it a second doubt. Best investment one can make for #1- yourself, # 2 your company
• That it will really make you re-examine (or learn) the depth of having a profitable business. Definitely worth it
• Shut up & go! You will thank me afterward
• Good course to help put business on successful path. Great to help understand true markup & necessity
• Good information, lots of relevant information that can be used immediately in your business
• This course will help you understand profit margins and how to establish sales price
• Definitely a must for ANYONE who is serious about their business. Information for beginners and veteran business owners
• If you want to make $ and who doesn't . . . You need to attend
• Be the best money you can spend on running your business
• The time spent with this class is well worth it. Time spent with other contractors in class is a bonus
• Was a good bang for the buck. Good info, good new info and also some refresher
• The class provided pertinent information to allow a business to make valuable business decisions
• This is a great class for any contractor. It is so practical and in-depth while being very easy to follow and understand
• Make the effort, life is too short to figure this out by myself
• Yes, of course, especially recommend to someone new in the field who is just starting their business. This course eliminates guesswork and gives a starting point for many important areas
• Order the books, review material, attend the class
• It is a must-do, but don't get overwhelmed. Take great notes and chip away a little at a time
• If they are serious about a free life - spend time with Michael
• Highly recommend. I "push" Markup and Profit to almost everyone I encounter who is having trouble or wants to grow
• That he needs to attend the class to get his business on the right track, and pre-reading the M&PR book can be a real help!
• Go ahead and attend one to reduce your money loss. You will be glad you did
• Be on time, listen well and your business will improve
• Education is the best way to ensure you stay in business
• Best course ever
• It's a great course, if you want to better your business and profit!
• I would highly recommend it. Great info in books, but great various business tips along the way
• I would say GO!! Michael obviously wants to help us
Was the price for the class too high, too low, or just right?

Too high - 2.8%
Too low - 5.0%
Just right - 92.2%

• Got exactly what I paid for
• Money well spent. Wealth of information shared
• I was hoping to break even - I will actually get the cost of this class back on the very next estimate I do!
• Very well priced for all the valuable material learned
• Just right. Get a lot for the value
• An awesome value
• The information I received is worth more than I paid for the class. However I would not have been able to pay much more currently
• Just right, well worth the investment
• Fair price for the value we get. Will be priceless for me to implement it
• Very good value
• Just right / but worth 1000 to 1
• It's a fantastic deal
• Reasonable pricing
• Priceless
• Excellent value
• I felt that the class was well worth the price
• I appreciated the price and would be willing to pay more
• Very reasonable
• The class is worth more given all the info we got, yet priced low enough to entice the investment
• Originally I thought it was high based on my expected sales of 500K. Once it became apparent that I could jump to 1.0 million, then the pricing the class was just right and I brought my #2.
• It was nice that the food was built in
• I thought it was kinda high - I would have liked to have brought in more of my people.
• I thot it was fine and worth every penny!
• I'm happy with it. Should pay for itself.
• Class price at good value but maybe provide option to purchase books as we already had one in office
• A little high for a small business, BUT the information is so valuable it was well worth the investment!
• Just right, low with the free lunch
• Would have spent 750-850 for the class
• The price was just right. Even if the cost was $100 more, it would be worth it
• Always prefer cheaper but not bad.
• Reasonably priced for class. We had to fly in which added to price b/c there weren't any classes available near us.
• It was a stretch for us because times are hard, but it was an investment in our future, and we understand this.
• Price is fine and I appreciate the discount for 2 attendees. That is helpful
• I have not been to many of these seminars. But I feel the money was well spent
• If the business owner applies the information in his company, then the price for this class was reasonable
• No, it was worth it and the travel cost
• Just right - especially with 2 books, binded booklet for notes - and food & beverage costs
• I think it is fair, but will make more money by far for us than the cost
• It was high but I thought well worth the cost for information and for contact and help offered even after the class
• Just right! I learned so much that it will take months to implement
• Just right. It was an incredible value and well spent
• Too low if the class was in my town, but considering the drive, it was just right. I'm kidding; it was a bargain for $500
• Everything could always be less expensive. But I feel the information given was well worth the cost
• Just right is my call, If one is serious this is not a huge investment. I believe this is very affordable and what this also generates is a class of participants that are serious about improving their business
• I would have paid more. At $495 its a great value
• Perfectly reasonable considering amount of content
• At first it seemed a little expensive, but the literature included plus the workbook and facility made it more acceptable. Mr. Stone's approach and the amount of information given made the price just right!
• If you listen and use the information, the value of this session is priceless

Other Comments
• Well done for time alottment. Can always spend more time when it's this intersting, but would have to be a 24-36 hour course!
• Whatever I didn't understand, he answered during break
• He was very aware of staying on task / on topic. Any info I wanted more depth on he was very available on breaks to discuss & offer to email
• This was an excellent class. I can use these tools to get my business on the right track
• All the info could have taken a week but who has that much time? Excellent in time allowed
• It was a very in-depth class with lots of information to take in. He did a great job and answered any/all questions
• Unbelievably comprehensive
• Lots of info - hard to cram it all in with alloted time, but feels about right
• Mr. Stone did a damn fine job with his no bullshit presentation, loved it!
• Thanks for what you add to this business!
• I appreciate the messages of creating & sustaining a viable smart construction company. I do find your books, website, newsletters & class valuable
• I appreciate the willingness to be away from your family to travel and share your wealth of knowledge
• Excellent class!!
• Thank you for the training. I found it very helpful and will apply the knowledge to my business right away
• Michael's presentation is excellent. I waited a year for this training after buying Markup & Profit last year. Well worth the wait and cost
• Wonderful learning experience. Professional. Good time investment. No wasted time
• Thank you! I can't wait to get back to the office and put some of the information to work. Looking forward to increasing our profits while practicing the techniques I learned from Michael! Thank you!
• Thanks for the new perspective!
• This class is life changing for me, my business, my family and my customers. There is not another source to find all of this great information in one place! We simply do not have time to pull together all of this information ourselves. Thank you for doing this work!!!
• More helpful material has been added since I attended workshop in 2015. Thank you!
• Thank you Michael! I appreciate your time, your teaching, your passion, and your no nonsense approach
• 1st read Markup & Profit in 2004 & reread yearly. Has helped tremendously & allowed me to keep my business profitable with confidence. Was a pleasure to meet Michael in person. Many thanks
• Of all the classes/seminars I've been to in the last 30 years, this was the best & the one I can't wait to get back & start putting the things I've learned into place
• Thank you! I hope to attend future seminars if relevant
• Perfect timing for me. Great presentation. Excellent food. Well done!
• Michael is passionate about what he has and continues to do. Thank you
• Wish I'd heard of Michael 19 years ago
• Best class ever! Thanks!!!
• Thank you! Your books have changed my family's life!
• I view myself as a "big picture" kind of guy but the info on detail was eye opening
• Thank you for educating me on how to run a profitable business. Most knowledgable class I've taken
• Great class! Great contract info and tightening up the P&L Also, great ideas on how to speak with customers
• Great program Michael! Thank you!
• Thanks for providing an amazing class as this. It is always helpful. Thanks for all your work
• Make it a 3 day seminar. Keep Michael healthy we (I) need him around
• Over course of both days it has been obvious that Michael cares - passionately - about our ability and responsibility to provide for our families. Greatly appreciated!
• I will definitely be able to improve my business skills due to this class
• This was the best investment in my life. Thank you is not enough. There is no word in the dictionary to describe how thankful I am
• I like how Michael kept to the schedule. Class flowed well
• Thank you for the continuation of all of your efforts to make our industry better and to help the good guys win! I am so thankful to have bee given the oportunity to take the class!
• Class was great. A ton of info and it shows I have lots to learn
• Very well put together class and agenda. As a young business owner I truly believe this class will make a huge positive impact on my business!
• A bit too much emphasis on negative aspects of lawyers, accountants, & building officials. Positive attitudes work best
• Excellent, some areas confirmation that a lot of what we already do is best practice and new info to implement
• Thank you for your time and experience
• Enjoyed meeting Michael in person
• Really enjoyed Michael's straight forward attitude and passionate teaching style. Thank you for an excellent class!
• Appreciate your material. Read M&P two years ago, it's given me the confidence to look people in the eye and give them my price. By realizing I owe it to my family and employees, I avoid a lot of the depression of losing jobs, due to price.
• I also liked to hear what other contractors are using/doing to improve their businesses
• As an accountant I learned more details about the acctg process beneficial for my clients, that I will be passing along and working on with them
• We have been struggling with our cash flow due to several large contracts (w/ bank financing) & wow - the info on payment schedules . . . Never occurred to me/us! Plus, the recommendation as to how to build up OCRA account - great!
• Keep doing what you're doing, our industry needs you Michael
• It was enlightening as to how much I am doing wrong
• Felt mostly like a review, since I had read both book multiple times as well as reader of weekly newsletter. Still, it is a great refresher & re-energizer
• The combination of class and books is great. I'm glad that now I can sit down and reread topics in the book
• Appreciate Michael's time and advice. Great to see him talking about sales. Thank you
• I took a class from Michael 10+ years ago on Markup & Profit (before it was Revisited). Still good stuff!!!
• Thank you! As a young company in this industry, I am excited to be armed with this info. I look forward to putting it into practice
• The class was very good. I'm sure we'll be in business for many years to come. Thank you
• Michael's knowledge and experience has been invaluable. I know we will be more successful in estimating/pricing as well as business owneres overall because of our time spent here. I felt that relationships built with other attendees were also invaluable. Great class - thank you!
• Love the education learned in this class. Looking forward to implementing all aspects
• Michael is knowledgeable and committed to educating contractors
• Seminar was packed full of quality content, but how to actually implement some of these things is a question
• I appreciate Michael's candor and being personable and his reminder of our responsibility to family.
• Bless you both for helping us. We need a mentor, and we feel as though we have one now. This course was more helpful than we ever imagined possible.
• Glad to attend. Great learning experience. I am walking out with a wealth of knowledge
• Very good class, very thorough, even though we are a commercial based company I gathered a lot of useful information
• For me the most helpful information was the financial info on day 2
• Michael should not apologize for being tough with us. We need it
• Great class. I love your heart's desire to truly help the contractor
• Every contractor should complete a course from CPR before they are allowed to enter into the construction industry
• Appreciate the on-time start and delivery, and how well everything was organized. And . . . Great food selections! Thanks for not serving sandwiches
• Many things I didn't understand are now in focus
• Great presentation. One of the best sessions I've attended. Thanks!!
• Michael knows his stuff - it is nice to get information from wisdom and experience rather than from text book. I would've liked more specialty contractor specific information
• I have never known how to read my financial reports - it's great to have a guideline
• The information and knowledge that Mr. Stone shares in his systems and processes is priceless. It is information that you can take back to the workplace, implement and see results. He has an obvious passion for the contracting business. He doesn't present as someone above us or the best but as someone who has been in the trenches with us! Thank you
• This was one of the best construction business classes that I have been to
• I was happy to learn that I'm doing a good job as a business owner. However I have so much more to do. This class outlined how I can attain success and why the system is necessary! I'm glad your forms are available for my use. Thanks for providing specific formulas
• Very helpful breaking down complex issues
• Love the idea that the business is there for you. Customers don't run the show
• I wish I came to this class years ago!! I have fallen into many of the pitfalls Michael speaks about. We all love to build but hate to do business or don't know how to do business. This class has been extremely enlightening! Thanks!
• Remarkable! Michael could not have been more sincere in his desire to truly share, encourage and educate our class! Personally, I am walking away from this experience with FAR FAR more than I had ever expected! Thank you Michael!
• I will be watching out for the next available class. We are never done learning. Thank you for all your help and the knowledge you are able to share
• Thank you so much! I see that I am doing a lot of things right and it reinforces these good habits. It also opened my eyes to things that I need to address immediately!
• Very informative and helpful to sit down and take a very good look at your business. Asking Michael questions, with his years of experience, was very helpful for the year end review. Will help me tremendously for the next year. I greatly appreciate Michael and Devon taking the time to help make the construction industry better and help out the little guy. I know you guys don't have to do this, so it is nice that you are still sharing this info with us. Thank you!
• Michael thank you for the wealth of information you gave in your class. This is a class a contractor who is is just starting MUST attend!
• I took the Mark up and Profit class in the early 90's, things went very well for us. Then over time I just plain got lazy and let many issues slide by.
This was a real wake up call for me as to how out of focus my company and personal dedication has gotten. Human nature and my habits this has convinced me that I need to be attending this class again as a refresher course in a few years. As Michael once stated, every time he reads a part of the book looking for something, he finds a subject that he has forgotten about. And honestly, at my age it's getting a bit harder these day's to remember things.
I am amazed at the efficiency of this program, I brought along my son, whom I will be bringing into the office to assist and get educated in proper business management. He'd never seen a P/L prior to this class. He was able to follow right along with Michael and subjects covered. This in itself should clarify that Michaels format and his ability to communicate will absolutely work for any one with the willingness to learn. There is not a once of doubt in my mind that TJ will be attending future classes as well as myself when you're back.
• Thank you so much for all that you do. It seems a lot of times that contractors don't have a real advocate, but you guys are that advocate. Thank you for all that you do for our industry
• Great course. Great amount of discussion of the concepts and Michael took the time to hear all the questions. Thank you!
• The beginner information about estimating was a huge help to me being the accountant for the business and no estimating experience
• Good class. Again would have liked a little more attention to sub contractor relationship to G.C. and specific info relevant to smaller job. Much of the instruction seemed geared toward larger companies with paid salespeople / superintendents. Would be nice to hear more about selling / business strategies for smaller companies that owner wears many hats. Just my 2¢. Thanks
• Thank you Michael! Thank you Mrs Stone for ordering us fantastic food!
• I'm confident that if these practices are used my company will be more profitable
• Hope what I learned today isn't too late for my company
• Very good and appreciate the offer to call you with questions. (You can see that Michael has worked very hard at what he has to share!)
• It was a pleasure to finally meet Michael. I've been using your books for years. I needed a refresher course
• This is EXACTLY what I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend your lessons. Drove here from Ottawa (8 hrs) and so happy I did!

Tim's Story

"I ran across your Markup & Profit book a little less than a year ago. I was looking for a solution to a specific problem that I no longer recall (to which your book had an answer that worked like magic). Because my problem was solved, I read the rest of the book. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about whether or not some of the methods would work. It's scary to take a close look at the workings of the business you've created and come to terms with the fact that your creation is not built for the long haul. You want me to charge what?!?

Turns out my situation was pretty common. Started my business from scratch. Worked hard. Put in long hours. Managed somehow to stay afloat for 15 years. Spent evenings writing estimates after a 12-14 hour day in the field. Cash flow was a constant struggle and often on my mind, but brought home enough to get by.

I read the Markup & Profit book last December, studied and personalized the forms and tweaked your Employee Manual for my business in January and began to implement the methods described in the book in February. By the end of June the business passed last year's total sales. We will finish up this year at about double last year's sales. What's even better is that profit is running almost triple.

Cash flow is no longer a problem. All the bills are paid (early). My evenings now belong to my family instead of to the business. We now have the time and money to do things together as a family, which makes life run a whole lot more smoothly.

I attended the two day class in Minneapolis so I could get answers to a few specific questions and keep myself focused so I continue to implement the program and so I understand more clearly how the methods dovetail. You delivered big time!

I urged my brother, who has a similar business, to come along. He reluctantly accepted. Before I got home he had sent a text thanking me for a couple things "... but mostly for talking me into going".

So thank you for helping me create a well oiled machine, for teaching me how to make the living I deserve while continuing to deal with homeowners in an honest way, for boosting my sales, for increasing my profit dramatically, for lowering my stress level, for giving me back to my family.

What you do affects many lives, far beyond those who read your books and attend your seminars. From one of those people whose life has been made better, thank you. Thank you very much."