Where can I download the product I purchased?

All downloadable products are available in your account and you’ll have to login to access them. If you didn’t already have an account, one was created for you. You’ll need to reset the password.

After logging in, click on your name and you’ll find your product download links.

I tried to download my order and it says it’s expired.

Be sure to download your order immediately. Send me a note from the email address used to place the order and we’ll reset the download link.

I didn’t receive a download link.

Login to your account (Login link is to the left of the Shopping Cart icon), go to My Account, and select Downloads.

I saved the download and can’t find it.

We can’t help much here but we can give a little advice. If our advice doesn’t work you’ll need to talk to someone familiar with your computer settings.

Most browsers will save downloads to a Download folder, but it all depends on the settings on your browser. For Windows based computers, we suggest going to Windows Explorer. Navigate to the Users Folder, then look in each of those folders for a Download folder that might have your file.

(The easiest way to access Windows Explorer is by holding down the Windows symbol key and pressing the letter E one time. The Windows symbol key is located between the CTRL and the ALT keys on your keyboard.)

eBooks (for download issues, see Downloads)

I can’t open the eBook.

If you’re planning to read the book on your computer you’ll need to install eBook software. We recommend . It’s free (Adobe also has a free product that works, but we’ve been told it has a lot of ads which can be irritating.) The Calibre software can read both book formats (.epub and .mobi).

Download the calibre software and install it. If you’ve already downloaded and attempted to open the book, delete the book and download a new copy because opening the book outside the software can corrupt it. If you need a new download link, just let us know.

Now download the book and save it to your computer. Be sure you make a note of where it’s saved, or (if it’s in the Download folder, move it to a folder you recognize). Check to make sure the download is complete, the file size should be:

  • Markup & Profit book, .epub format – 2,435 kb (File name: MPGR.epub)
  • Markup & Profit book, .mobi format – 3,224 kb (File name:
  • Profitable Sales book, .epub format – 563 kb (File name: ProfSales.epub)
  • Profitable Sales book, .mobi format – 749 kb (File name:
  • Estimating Construction book, .epub format – 3,157 kb (File name: EstConstProfitably.epub)
  • Estimating Construction book, .mobi format – 1,749 kb (File name:

After saving it to your computer, open Calibre and use the “Add Books” (top left corner) to navigate to the book to open it. Don’t attempt to open the book outside the software.

I downloaded the ebook to my Kindle, where is it?

If you normally purchase eBooks from Amazon, this eBook will be in a different folder than the Amazon books, like “Files”. Every setup is different.

I tried to download the book and it says it’s expired.

If your link has expired, send me a note from the email address used to place the order and we’ll reset the download link.

Online Classes

How do I access the online class I purchased?

The online class is in your account, you’ll need to login to view it. An account was created for you when you purchased. Reset the password using the email address used during the purchase. Be sure to check your junk or spam folders for the email if it doesn’t immediately appear.

After logging in, click on your name and you’ll find your class under “Online Classes and Recordings.”

How long will I have access to the class?

As long as we’re around. Access doesn’t expire, you can watch and rewatch the classes as many times as you wish.


Why Do I Need An Account?

Most of our products are downloadable or are streaming videos, and an account is necessary to access the download or view the videos.

If you don’t already have an account, one will be created when you place your order. To login to that account, use the “Lost Password” to create your password. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder for the email.

Why do I need a 12 character password?

That’s what the people who developed the software decided. I’d change it if I could! Did you know the safest password is often the simplest? RedHatOnTheFloor is a great password (don’t use that).

I’ve purchased from you before but it says I don’t have an account.

If you’ve purchased an online class at any time, you should have an account. It might be under a different email address; if you need that changed, send us a note.

If you purchased anything else prior to the fall of 2019, you won’t have an account yet. An account will be created when you place your next order.

Do I need an account before purchasing?

No, an account will be created when you place the order.


I don’t know my password.

Use the “Lost Your Password?” link that’s below the LOGIN button. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password (be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you can’t find the email).

How can it ask for a password when I never provided one on my first order?

A password is automatically generated with your first order. You should have received an email with the password, but if not, use the “Lost Your Password?” link that’s below the LOGIN button.

I haven’t received the email to reset my password.

Check your spam or junk files, it often arrives there. If after checking you still can’t find it, let us know.