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We Like to See The Good Guys Win!

Join us at a one-day business-changing event led by Michael Stone, a fellow contractor and author of Markup & Profit, A Contractor's Guide Revisited, an Amazon best-selling book

One Day Class with Michael Stone

Common sense, real world, proven and practical training for general and specialty contractors of all types

Since 1999, we've helped thousands of general contractors, remodelers, new home builders, and specialty contractors of all types build stronger, more profitable businesses. Our one-day class is specifically for:

  • General Contractors Doing Remodeling
  • Specialty Contractors of ALL types
  • General Contractors Building New Homes

Every small business owner can benefit from the principles taught in this seminar

This one-day event is led by a fellow contractor, who will help you better understand your business and how to make money in it. It covers the establishment of the correct overhead and profit margins for your company, the correct markup, your Operating Capital Reserve Account, how to adjust your sales for an unbudgeted expense, and a range of other issues from sales and marketing to legal aspects and more.

The class includes:

  • Markup & Profit, A Contractor's Guide Revisited (mailed to your address before class, one per company)
  • A 57-page handout for use during class
  • Lunch

Our Promise: While other products are available, this class is not a sales pitch for books, tapes or anything else. The goal of this class is to help you learn to make more money in your construction business.

Only $189 per person. Two or more from the same company, registered at the same time, $169 each.

Three locations:


Class size is limited, so please register early!


Check-in between 8 - 9 am
Class starts promptly at 9 am
10 minute break at 10:25 am
Lunch, 12 to 1 pm, lunch is provided
Class begins again promptly at 1 pm
10 minute break at 2:25 pm
Class ends by 4 pm

Cancellation Policy: Refunds (less a $45 fee for materials you'll receive) will be made only if your cancellation is received in writing five days prior to the class.

Topics Covered:

Running Your Business

  • Why trying to be "competitive" is sure disaster for your company
  • Why you should never, never do "Cost Plus" or "Time & Material" jobs (unless limited in scope)
  • How to avoid the "bad" or tough customer
  • Which is better, employees or subcontracting your work
  • The five things you must do when a job goes "BAD"
  • Why working on the job is not profitable in most cases
  • Why you should not do both New Home Construction and Remodeling
  • Working with Architects and Designers
  • Who makes up the most profitable construction companies
  • How to deal with requests for itemization of your estimates
  • How to eliminate billing and invoicing and get paid on time
  • How lead-generating companies can hurt rather than help

Establishing the Correct "Numbers" for Your Business

  • How to set a budget for your company
  • Establishing correct Overhead percentages
  • Establishing your Monthly overhead
  • Why Overhead goes up, not down, as your volume of sales increases
  • How to set correct Profit Margins for your company
  • How to Establish the correct Markup for your company
  • Establishing an Operating Capital Reserve Account (OCRA)
  • How to adjust your sales volume or markup for an unbudgeted expense
  • Mathematical formulas for your business that work
  • Should you rent or buy that new tool or piece of equipment
  • The value of your time in Dollars & Cents
  • A yardstick for making money in construction
  • A markup formula that will COST you money
  • Why Markup is safer to use than Margins
  • Early warning signs of financial problems in your company
  • Developing your monthly cash flow projections


  • Correct number of employees for your company
  • How to pay your employees for the work they do
  • Minimum volume of work produced per employee of your company
  • How to find good employees

General and Subcontractor Relationships

  • Contracts between Generals and Subs
  • How subs should be paid and when

Contracts & Contract Language

  • How to establish the correct down payment and progress payments on your contracts
  • Eliminate invoicing and start getting paid on time
  • How to make sure you get paid for all of your work
  • Should you buy pre-printed forms or develop your own?
  • The correct length of a contract

Additional Work Orders

  • Additional Work Orders, how and when to use them
  • How to get your employees to use Additional Work Orders
  • Setting the correct markup on Additional Work Orders

Handyman Services

  • How to establish the rates per hour for your handyman type jobs
  • Distinguishing between handyman and fixed-figure contracts
  • How to write a handyman contract
  • How to make sure you get paid on handyman type jobs


  • Why education is your most important tool
  • Where to go for educational materials