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Markup & Profit Revisited

Markup and Profit Revisited

In order to succeed in a construction business, you have to be able to price your jobs to cover all labor, material and overhead expenses, and make a reasonable profit. This book by Michael Stone covers the business basics of running a construction company, whether you're a general or specialty contractor working in remodeling, new construction or commercial work.

Here, you'll find tried and tested formulas that guarantee profits, with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow examples to help you learn how to make your business a success. You'll learn how to:

  • Calculate your full overhead
  • Price your work at the proper markup
  • Maintain a stable cash flow
  • Figure all your job costs
  • Estimate your breakeven point
  • Recognize warning signs in your business
  • Compute a fair wage for yourself
  • Collect on your work

"I attended Michael Stone's seminar 12 years ago and I got the first book. Thanks to this book and the seminar, I am still in business." - Lech Kozubek, Kozubek Construction, April 2012



The softcover book is autographed, 8-1/2" x 11", 336 pages.

The eBook is formatted for Nook and Kindle and other eReaders. The .mobi format is for Kindle readers. The .epub format is compatible with almost every other eBook reader and all Smartphones. If you order the wrong format, just let us know.

If you don't own an eReader or a smartphone with a reading app, eBook software is required if you plan to read this on your computer. Free software is available at calibre-ebook (our recommendation) or Adobe Digital.

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Also available - a 6 hour class on CD and DVD, as well as podcasts that accompany this book. Read more here.


Who is the target audience?
We recommend this book for all construction-related business owners. The information pertains to all specialties as well as general contractors, whether doing remodeling or building new homes, residential or commercial. The information is also been valuable for CPA's and accountants working with construction-related businesses. The focus is on the business, not on production or building jobs.

What about forms?
Forms in the book can be downloaded online - download information is available within the book.

How will I get the eBook?
A download link for the eBooks will be available after placing your order. You will also receive a confirmation email with a download link.

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Bob and Maryanne Ligmanowski replied on 05/16/10:

Helped us understand what we were doing,but mostly why!The book makes it very clear.We refer to it all the time(it's like having a coach with you at all times).

Natalie Cook replied on 05/17/10:

If you ever wished for a step by step manual for the basis of running a construction business, this book is it!!!!!! Michael is very thorough and clear in his explanation of all the concepts. The form template themselves are worth the price of the book!!

His understanding of the many common mistakes and misconceptions was also comforting considering I had been making a bunch of those mistakes for the first year of my business - yikes!! Anyway, I found the book in time, and am on my way to a more successful business.

Oh, and don't assume you have to be a fairly new business owner to reap the benefits of this book. I have come across individuals who have been in the business much longer and who still express some of the frustration that the book addresses.

I also have Michael's "Profitable Sales" book, which is equally as awesome!!!

Jeff Farley replied on 05/18/10:

One of the most important books any contractor will ever read, period. This is still on my shelf after ten years and I often use it to teach new employees the lessons Michael shares for financial success in the construction industry.

noah lamont replied on 03/05/11:

Mark Up and Profit - we need this more than ever.

I have had a copy of Mark Up & Profit for more then 4 years. I read it when I bought it, and review parts as I feel the need.

In today's business environment we need to be careful. It is better to not take on 'busy work'. Busy Work will damage your business and may kill it if you are unlucky that month. This book will keep us grounded in reality.

Slow down has prompted me to look once again at Handyman marketing as my specialty trade work is down. You can bet I will review this book again.

I came here looking for estimaitng software and was reminded to first use these lessons. Then plug in my numbers.
Real Person - Noah Lamont Lamont's Woodbury Glass 651-755-3000

Ben replied on 01/24/12:

I am excited to read this book. However I do have a few questions. I am the estimator for a natural turf sports field company, before that I estimated for a custom home builder. How well will this book apply to custom construction like sports fields? And does the 1.72 capture depreciation of equipment like large ticket tractors without cutting profit?

Jim Norman replied on 05/02/12:

Most important book you will read this year!

Markup & Profit should be considered the bible of the remodeling industry. You are an absolute fool to not own this book and still consider yourself a contractor. I highly recommend Michael's book - you will not be sorry!

John Cox replied on 05/21/12:

Michael and Devon,
You have outdone yourself with the new book! A lot of useful and up to date information. I am referring it to a colleage as we speak. Thanks for sharing and helping. I have learned a heck of a lot by reading your book! Keep up the good work.
Sincerely John Cox

Henry Kaiser replied on 06/26/12:

When everyone else is lowballing jobs how can you even get work even with a good rep

John Cox replied on 09/05/12:

Michael and Devon have done an oustanding job with their books! I refer other contractors to purchase their books, and believe they are the best ever written about specialty contracting. I recommend them with the inclusion "if they do not believe they are the best and cannot help a contractor, i will personally buy them back at the purchase price" This is how much i believe they can help you. I am not being paid anything for doing this by the way. This is how much i believe in them and their products. Thanks Michael and Devon!
John Cox

Buffie replied on 10/29/12:

Great common sense here. Wish I'd thought of that.