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Speaking Engagements

Michael Stone SpeakerIf you are looking for a professional speaker for your annual convention, or to provide a valuable educational experience for your members, bring in Michael Stone. As an experienced speaker to the construction industry, Michael will:

  • Provide your membership with practical tools on how to mark up their services correctly and still get the job.
  • Appeal to the entire membership by providing a speaker with something for everyone.
  • Create a stronger membership base by increasing the profitability of your members

Not only has Michael spent over 40 years gaining first hand experience in the trades, he also has degrees in Business & Computer Science. During the past 24 years, Michael has helped over 18,000 general and specialty contractors of all types make their businesses more profitable and effective. Michael is a professional speaker, author, trainer, expert witness, arbitrator and one to one business coach.

Read these comments from attendees:

"Your seminar was just what we needed. It reinforced the reason we're in business - TO MAKE MONEY! It also gave us those 'magical formulas' that we knew just had to be out there somewhere, and valuable pointers to enhance our sales techniques. We loved our business before, now we REALLY love it!"

Tom & Anna D.

"I've been in this business for twenty seven years. During that time 'Mark Up and Profit' has been my greatest stumbling block. Please know that your seminar was perhaps the most useful tool introduced to our company since we started!
Thank you!"

Joseph B.

And from association leaders:

"Michael Stone presented a seminar at the 2004 Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association convention. One of the attendees was a chimney sweep in my hometown, who also operates a painting business. He later told me he went home and immediately implemented Michael's suggestion regarding progress payments. His cash flow situation immediately improved without working any harder."

Jim Gillam, Editor
SNEWS - The Chimney Sweep News

"Michael's background as a contractor is extremely helpful, along with his ability to touch our members, with great attention to the many details necessary when covering a variety of topics. We have used him on occasion as a popular seminar speaker on subjects ranging from profitability analysis to estimated to sales and marketing.

We are pleased to recommend Michael Stone for your consideration as an excellent speaker, coach and consultant for contractors. We are looking forward to having him present additional seminars next year!"

Philip Peach, Executive Director
Oregon Remodelers Association / NARI Affiliate

Contact us for details on securing Michael for your event.