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Construction Expert Witness / Arbitration

Due to his travel schedule and other commitments, Michael is no longer taking on new expert witness or arbitration cases.

Michael Stone has worked on many construction-related cases, both as an expert witness and as a certified arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau. These cases have ranged from new home construction to remodeling, residential and commercial, large and small projects, and include service work disputes on specialty trades.

During the process of building a job, stuff happens. When stuff happens, people disagree with the what and the why. With over 53 years in the construction industry, and having worked on almost every kind of project, he can provide an expert opinion and advice on what caused the problem, how it should be fixed and who should pay.

Our focus is on business management issues, overhead and profit margins, payment schedules, contract and change order related issues, and customer relations. We know the problems of construction and their root cause, and most importantly, how to move forward from here.

We can provide a rate sheet and CV upon request – serious inquiries only.