Price Proposal Deadlines

By Michael Stone

All price proposals need a deadline because you never know when material and labor costs will increase rapidly.

Construction Sales: Make Time Count

By Michael Stone

Construction sales take time and your time is valuable. Avoid these common time-wasters when selling construction services.

Design Agreements and the Budget

By Michael Stone

The purpose of a design agreement is to get a commitment from your client to design the project so you don’t have to do the design for free. How do you keep the design within the budget?

Construction Websites that Generate Leads

By Michael Stone

A construction website should be a lead generating asset. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but if it doesn’t generate leads it’s a waste of time and effort.

Lowball Pricing in Construction

By Michael Stone

It’s not unusual to find a contractor who sells by deliberately underpricing or underbidding jobs and making up the difference with change work orders.

Remodeling Sales: Setting the Budget

By Michael Stone

A business owner in the UK asked a question that illustrates that remodeling sales challenges are the same regardless of your location.

You Have Better Things to Do than Estimate

By Michael Stone

Getting a commitment from potential clients is critical if you want to save yourself a ton of time and work putting together an estimate that won’t go anywhere. You have better things to do with your time.

The Sales Call: Budget and Design

By Michael Stone

Budget doesn’t need to be a major worry during the design and build of a project if you handle it properly during the sales call.

Four Diamonds of Communication

By Michael Stone

Sales is about communicating and interacting positively with others. Those skills make life easier in any delicate conversation.

Borrowing Jacks

By Michael Stone

I recently had to face what I thought would be an uncomfortable personal conversation. I fussed all morning, then went to visit the person involved.

Clear Sales Communication; It’s Your Responsibility

By Michael Stone

I want to share a recent phone conversation with a contractor concerning a problem they were having with a client.

Hiring a Salesperson

By Michael Stone

I’m a firm believer in treating salespeople well. When they’re treated well, they’ll sell. When they sell, you win.

Let’s Discuss an Acceptable Hourly Rate . . .

By Michael Stone

This note is a painfully perfect example of why you shouldn’t provide details on your pricing.

Words from an Expert on Hiring Contractors

By Michael Stone

A contractor sent us an online article written by a real estate investor with the purpose of educating you on “how to develop a fair relationship with your contractor.”

Insurance Quotes – Getting Paid

By Michael Stone

Insurance work can be good business, but it can also waste your time if the insurance company is playing the three bids game.

On Politely & Confidently Qualifying Leads

By Todd Milton

A guest article: How do you avoid going out on sales calls to look at jobs for folks who obviously do not qualify to purchase from your company?

Missing the Sale

By Michael Stone

Is there anything you can do about the sales you miss?

Promoting Your Business: The County Fair

By Michael Stone

It’s summer, and that means community gatherings for people wanting to have fun. In our area, the main event is the county fair. I’m confident there is a similar event in your area.

Focusing On Price

By Michael Stone

“The #1 reason I lose jobs is ‘your price is too high.’ What am I doing wrong?”

Spare Topics

By Michael Stone

It’s time to catch up on some spare topics I have lying around. These aren’t earth shaking but they can and will impact your bottom line.

Sales: Have Options Ready

By Michael Stone

Give clients options when you quote the work they want done.

Transparency and Partnerships

By Michael Stone

What do you do when your partner is listening to someone who knows nothing about construction, but still thinks they knows what’s best?

First Time Homeowner, Uncommunicative Builder

By Michael Stone

We’re aware that homeowners also visit our website. This letter is from a first-time homeowner who’s ready to buy, but his builder isn’t cooperating.

3 Sales Copy Habits You Have To Stop Doing Today

By Patrick Walsh

Most home improvement sales copy is filled with nothing but generalities and platitudes. It gives no real reason why a prospect would want to take the next step.

Design Agreement Fees

By Michael Stone

The last thing I want to do is cause a family problem, but apparently I did with one family.

Homeowner Advice: Some Misguided, Some Correct

By Michael Stone

Flaky contractors make us all look bad. But not all advice given to homeowners to protect themselves from fraud is good advice.

Marketing Your Business

By Brian Javeline

Don’t come up with excuses to not be marketing your business. Eventually you will be in the worst position of all, and that is when you say “I need quick help to get my phone to ring”.

You Can’t Ask Too Many Questions

By Michael Stone

When something seems amiss, don’t stop asking questions. A contractor shares his experience on a recent sales call.

Give Them What They Need to Make a Decision

By Michael Stone

Clients are changing, and if you want to stay in the game and make something more than a living, you’ll need to change with them.

Stop Giving Free Estimates

By David Lupberger

You should stop providing free estimates. It’s called free consulting, and you won’t be successful giving away your time. (Guest Article from David Lupberger, Remodel Force)

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