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Subcontractor Manual

Subcontractor Manual for the Construction Industry

The Subcontractor Manual is designed to help General Contractors clarifying the business relationship between them and their subcontractors.

The package includes an manual describing company policies, standards and payment procedures. After appropriately customizing for your company, this manual can be given to every subcontractor you work with, describing clearly your commitment to them and what you expect from their commitment to you.

The Subcontractor Manual is a word-processing document, making it easy to customize with your company name. Add and delete policies as needed, using this as the starting point for your Subcontractor Handbook. It is available as a download or on CD. (Some forms require the free Adobe Acrobat reader, download available at

By setting guidelines on how the General and Subcontractor will perform their services, both parties know what to expect. The manual is a win-win document for both parties.

Update March, 2013: Previous users, send a note to for a copy of updates to the manual.

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A download link will be provided for both options. Links to the download will be given immediately after purchase.

The Subcontractor Manual is in Rich Text Format (.rtf). It's designed to be opened in your word processing program and edited as needed to match your business policies.

Since we are not familiar with the law in all states, you must have your attorney review this manual to make sure it meets the law in your state and/or locality.



Mitch Speck, CR, CKBR replied on 04/30/10:

I purchased this product earlier today and in less than two hours, modified it to fit our company's needs. Work smarter instead of harder! The verbiage used in the manual and supporting documents is a win-win for both general contractors and their subcontractors.