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Other Recommendations

Generating Leads helps you grow your business with more quality leads. They do this two ways.

One is by providing the industry's leading website marketing education series for Search Engine Optimization geared towards remodeling. There is also an Advanced Website Marketing Class for Social Media, Mapping, Testimonials, Videos and so much more.

For those looking to have a solid strategy in place then consider the Diamond Marketing Planning option for positioning against the competition. Too many contractors start a business without really embracing Marketing from the start. The Marketing Plan fills the void while also having a sustainable plan of action to getting More Quality Leads for a lifetime.

The Contractor's Copywriter

If you can't bear the thought of having to sit down to write a webpage, lead generation piece, sales tool, promotional e-mail or other marketing piece, Patrick Walsh, The Contractor's Copywriter, can help.

With a 25+ year background as a small business owner and copy advisor to some of the industry's best marketing/sales consultants, he has a unique set of skills, industry knowledge and real world experience that not may others have.

He's one of the few pure sales & marketing copywriters that we've run across who has years of experience working with businesses of all sizes in the construction, home remodeling and home services industries. He knows your industry and he knows your prospects.

His Contractor Copy Tips newsletter is great resource for real world copy tips you can use to improve your sales and marketing materials. Sign Up Here.


Change work orders need to be in writing, signed, before changing the job. Keep a stack of change work order forms in every vehicle. Deluxe offers affordable Change Work Order (or Additional Work Authorization) forms for your use, order them here.

Business Reading List

Michael is an advocate of continuing education. His suggested reading list (of course, after reading Markup & Profit Revisited and Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide) is available here: Books to Read

Industry Magazines

Staying current with the industry is important - and there are a number of free quality magazines available to construction-business owners.

Our recommendations: (all links open in a new window)

All construction-related business owners:  Construction Business Owner Magazine and Contracting Business Magazine

Remodeling or renovation contractors: Qualified Remodeler Magazine and/or Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine and/or Remodeling Magazine

Green Building:  Green Industry Pros

New Home Builders:  Builder Magazine and Custom Home Magazine

Specialty Contractors:

Official Magazine (plumbing)
Concrete Contractor Magazine
Electrical Contractor Magazine
HVACR Business Magazine
Walls & Ceilings Magazine
Roofing Contractor Magazine

Commercial Contractors: Commercial Construction Magazine