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Construction Programs & Results Inc

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Estimating Software and Training

Specifically for Remodeling Contractors and Specialty Contracting

Fast Track Estimating SoftwareFast Track Estimating Software

The Fast Track Estimating software is simple, flexible and powerful, designed to help you quickly produce an accurate estimate and material purchase list.

Profitable Estimating TrainingProfitable Estimating Training Class

Twelve hours of training in estimating classes, on DVD. These classes walk you through the process of estimating a construction job.

Online, Profitable Estimating TrainingProfitable Estimating Training Class

Identical to the DVD's, 12 hours of online training available for viewing online immediately. Includes all forms and checklists.

Estimating BooksEstimating Books

If you're looking for current cost books for estimating purposes, these are the ones we've worked with and recommend.