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Fast Track Proposal Writer

Contract Writing software for construction

Fast Track Proposal Writer software creates detailed contracts for any construction job. It includes over 1,100 paragraphs of contract language, easily customizable for each job.

This software helps you quickly and easily write a Proposal / Contract that your client understands. It is not just a takeoff of your estimate sheet as so many programs are. It is clear, solid contract language with unlimited options, for you to use when assembling a Proposal / Contract for your clients.

We often use the words "proposal" and "contract" interchangeably. These are our definitions:

A contract includes the legal language that explains who you are, who they are, and the terms and conditions you work under. It explains what they can expect from you and what you can expect from them. And it includes a detailed explanation of the work that will be done, all the way down to the make and model of appliances.

When you present this document to your client, it's a proposal. After they sign it, it's a contract.

With the Fast Track Proposal Writer software, you select the paragraphs and input your specifications. The language is clear and to the point, and designed to help keep you out of court. If/when your attorney suggests specific language based on your location or business needs, simply add it to the program for use in all your contracts. You can quickly create proposals specific to your business and your needs.

In a very short period of time, you will be writing proposals twice as fast as you write them now. With practice, you will be able to write a $100,000 remodeling contract in less than 1.5 hours, and a new home contract in an hour. That means more time to run your business, and it gives both you and your customer the confidence of a solid, detailed contract. 

To make it even easier, pair Fast Track Proposal Writer with our Fast Track Estimating software. After creating an estimate, open Fast Track Proposal Writer, select the estimate, and pull in all relevant Work-related contract language. (Demonstrated in this demo.)

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A download link will be provided for all Fast Track Proposal Writer orders. Links to the download will be given immediately after purchase (file size: 86mb). Choose the "download only" option if you don't want to incur shipping charges.

Fast Track Proposal Writer software requires Windows XP and above. Older machines with upgraded operating systems might not be able to use this software satisfactorily. For information on how to install on a Mac or Apple, check out the FAQ's below.

Receive a 20% discount on this software by purchasing the Fast Track Estimating software and/or our Profitable Estimating Training class at the same time. The discount will be applied in your shopping cart.


Support Related FAQ's are here.

Are demos available?
We don't offer a demo version, but you can view videos showing how the software works by clicking here.

Is Fast Track Proposal Writer Mac-Compatible?
You'll need Parallels, a software program that allows you to operate Windows in a separate window on your Mac computer. And you'll need a current Windows operating system. Install Parallels first - then install Windows. Then you can install any of our software programs.

Does Fast Track Proposal Writer work with Fast Track Estimating?
Yes. If you use the Fast Track Estimating software, it's even easier to create a proposal. The Fast Track Proposal Writer software will create the paragraphs in the "Work" section based on the estimate.

The Fast Track Proposal Writer software will compare the Paragraph Number in Fast Track Estimating (found at the bottom of the Assembly Detail) with the Paragraph Number in Fast Track Proposal Writer. The software walks through every assembly in the estimate to see if a Paragraph Number exists. If a Paragraph Number exists, the matching number will be found in Fast Track Proposal Writer and that language will be placed in the Work section of the contract. Then you can use the "Edit" function in FTPW to input quantities and specific details for that contract.

NOTE: If you purchased Fast Track Estimating prior to February of 2011, the database you received had some incorrect Paragraph Numbers in the assemblies. If you use any of these estimate items, you will either pull in the wrong paragraph language in FTPW, or not pull in any language to match the item. Click here to open a spreadsheet that shows the paragraph numbers that need to be changed in Fast Track Estimating to match your Fast Track Proposal Writer software.

Is Help available?
Help files are available in the software, and they also provide a good overview of how the software operates. Review or download them by clicking here..

Is the software customizable?
Fast Track Proposal Writer is extremely customizable. You can easily add your own standard paragraphs, add special language to any individual proposal, and quickly transfer a finished proposal or contract to your Word processing program to format for final print.

What programs are required on my computer?
Fast Track Proposal Writer requires Windows XP or higher. All other components required will be installed if they aren't already on your computer.

Can I customize the look of my contract?
We recommend transferring the completed contract to your word processing software. This allows you to print on your letterhead or any other customization you wish. Transferring is simple, instructions are included in the Help files.

If I own the current version, can I upgrade?
Current users of Fast Track Proposal Writer can upgrade for $10 plus shipping (we recommend Media Mail). To upgrade, order here - if the original software was purchased under a different name, tell us the name of the original purchaser. After confirming your prior order, we will send a download link and ship the CD.