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Construction Programs & Results Inc

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Business Management Tools for Contractors

Build a More Profitable Construction-Related Business

Markup & Profit Revisited BookMarkup and Profit, A Contractor's Guide Revisited

The business basics of running a construction company.

Markup & Profit Online ClassesMichael Stone Speaking

Six one-hour online videos taught by Michael Stone designed to help you build a stronger business.

Fast Track Proposal Writer SoftwareFast Track Proposal Writer Software

The Fast Track Proposal Writer software helps you write detailed and easily customizable contracts for any construction job.

Markup Calculator SoftwareMarkup Calculator Software

The Markup Calculator software will calculate the correct markup for your business, whether you are a general or a specialty contractor.

Markup and Profit Audio ClassMarkup and Profit Seminar

Michael Stone's 6 hour Markup & Profit Class in audio format. Available on CD, podcast, and even cassette (while supplies last).

Other RecommendationsOther Recommendations

Books, people and services that can help you build a more profitable business.