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Recent Markup and Profit Newsletters

Value Your Time

by Michael Stone

We're looking at three scenarios that require a quick judgment call when you’re in front of a client. Handling these scenarios correctly protects your time and lets your client know how you do business. Read more about Value Your Time

Things That Don't Change

by Michael Stone

The world is changing and our market is changing. But a few things haven't changed and never will; one of them is math. Another is that if your potential customers are fussing and looking for the cheapest price, you're marketing to the wrong people. Read more about Things That Don't Change

A Minimum Price

by Michael Stone

Being profitable doesn't mean getting rich off your clients; it means being able to pay your bills, provide for yourself and your family, and set aside a cushion for your business. The first step to being profitable is charging the right price for your work. Read more about A Minimum Price