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Markup and Profit Class

Part 1, Financial Basics, Estimating, Sales

Part 2, Markup and Margin Calculations

Part 3, Cash Flow Needs

Part 4, Contracts

Part 5, Business Problems and Making Money

Part 6, It's All About Business

Profitable Sales Online Class

Part 1, Marketing, Advertising, Taking a Lead

Part 2, The Sales Call, Four Basic Questions

Part 3, Contracts, Becoming the Contractor of Choice

Part 4, Q&A Session

Estimating Training Online

Production Training

Construction Project Management

Lead Carpenter Production Training

The Lead Carpenter System

The Lead Carpenter Job Description

Production Employees and Profit

Time Management and Production

Customer Service and Production

Production and Scheduling: On Time, On Budget

Pre Job Planning: Getting a Jump on the Chaos

Subcontractors: Working as a Team


Job Cost Reports

Managing Change Orders in the Field

Construction Accounting and Job Costing


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Business Coach helps construction contractors build successful companies -- and lives

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Recorded Webinars

Markup and Profit Recording, Michael Stone

Lead Generation Tactics, Brian Javeline

Remodelers AutoPilot, Kyle Hunt

3 Experts, 7 Ideas, 7 Minutes

7 Keys to Marketing Success, Kyle Hunt

Show Search Engines Your Site is Alive, Brian Javeline

Can You Afford to Hire?, Michael Stone

Winning the SEO Battle, Brian Javeline

Promote Your Jobs for Free Leads, Brian Javeline

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