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Customer Games with Your Money

by Michael Stone

I believe a majority of the conflicts I see as an expert witness, arbitrator, consultant and business coach are a direct result of a lack of respect for our profession. I served as expert witness last week and this attitude was obvious from both the owner and his attorney. I'm not sure about the judge, but it was clear that he was not happy that his precious court time was being used by yet another fight between an owner and a contractor. Read more about Customer Games with Your Money

Permit or Not?

by Michael Stone

Recently several of our coaching clients have related that their potential customers don't want building permits pulled on their jobs. Don't go there gang. Bad plan. Read more about Permit or Not?

Costly Errors

by Michael Stone

My plan was to discuss approaches to setting the sales price for your work that will cost you money, and this week I received an email that describes one approach perfectly. This came from a contractor who moved to another area and is just entering a partnership. Read more about Costly Errors

Spec Homes / Custom Homes

by Michael Stone

I was asked for information on the differences between building spec vs. custom homes. For additional input, we asked for help from contractors we know that have been successful in new home construction. We heard from two of them, Paul and Lou.

If you are going to build spec homes, you will need a lender. Make sure you can you live with their terms for a loan. How long will they finance you for? Will they put a time limit on when they want the loan paid off or will they give you adequate time to build and sell the home? Read more about Spec Homes / Custom Homes


by Michael Stone

If you are in business, you are in sales. No rationalizing, you are in sales. If you don't sell something at a profit, you are going to go away. Read more about Upselling