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You Don't Own Your Clients

by Michael Stone

We got a note last week from a contractor on the east coast. Their community has been dealing with weather-related disasters the past few weeks.

The contractor worked extra hours, going above and beyond to help out homeowners. After things slowed down a bit, they got a call from a competitor telling them to "Get your equipment out of my territory."

Territory? This boggles my mind. The contractor is an independent business, not part of a franchise or any other agreement. When customers called, the contractor jumped in to help them. Where was the competition? They were either "too busy" or "closed for the holiday" when the disaster struck and the calls started coming in. Now, when the competition is ready to get back to work and is seeing the business they could have had but lost to a harder working and more organized company, their response is to call and demand their "territory" back.

There is no territory for service, gang. No one promises you a group of clients. Either you are in business or you aren't, and if you aren't, don't be surprised if someone else does the work for you.

Some folks get it, some don't.


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