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Without a Website, They Won't Find You

by Michael Stone

Remember the yellow pages? We have a few books sitting in our office, sometimes in frustration we pick one up to find a phone number. Looking up a phone number is faster, easier, and much more convenient on the Internet. When we want to reach a business we've worked with before, or find a new service in our local area, our first stop is the Internet.

If your business can't be found on the Internet, it is costing you potential clients.

Over 90% of all new business will come to you via the telephone. If you are counting on the yellow pages for those phone calls, when someone in your local area looks for you they'll find 40-100 (or more!) other contractors on the very same page, offering the very same service. The only way you'll get their attention is with a large color ad – and what will that cost you?

But with a well-designed website, they can search for your specialty in your city and not only find your business, but learn who you are and how your business operates.

Studies have shown customers will look at your web page and check you out thoroughly before they call. Your web page needs to be at the top of its game when those prospective customers arrive. Your web page needs to tell your potential customers everything they need to know so they are comfortable in calling you. And your phone number needs to be prominently displayed on every page of that website. Make it easy for them to call.

When they stop by your website they will be thinking about their three fears. They want to know if you will do the job they want done, if you will do it on time and if it will be done on budget. When those three fears are answered, you will have gained credibility and they will call.

We all have the same wants and needs when it comes to spending our money. We want someone who will do what they say they are going to do, do it on time and at a fair price. Your web page needs to say that loud and clear. Get your website together and get found. Then listen to your phone ring.

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