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What Not To Cut

by Michael Stone

Help, the economy is terrible, what can I cut next? I am hearing that almost daily. Here is a short answer.

Cut anything in your overhead expenses you want, except for advertising and education. Those two should be the LAST things cut from your overhead.

If you don't advertise, your phone won't ring. If you don't continue educating yourself in business, sales and new products, you won't learn what is working with others to bring in new sales.

Keep advertising, keep learning, you'll make it through.


Hi Michael,

Been a while since we talked.

One of the biggest tips you gave me in the past was reducing the number of my high paid employees and utilizing more subs. As I have told you before this one tip alone may have saved me. It was always tough to know when to lay off when things got slow (and the employees got slower!)... but now we only hire who & when we need .... at a guaranteed price!

Still building new homes here in the Northeast, slow winter but looks good in the next few months. Still a 1 man show .... did 2.8 mil last year. So far 1.3 mil in sales for '09

Trying to work it out to get to JLC. Hope to see you.

Thanks, Lou

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