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by Michael Stone

I am Michael Stone, author of the book Markup and Profit; A Contractor's Guide. Our company, Construction Programs & Results, Inc., provides products and services to the construction industry, such as books, tapes, software, and business coaching and consulting. I also teach a variety of educational seminars and classes throughout the US and Canada on construction business management topics.

I'm new at blogging - I understand it's an opportunity to post my thoughts and opinions on happenings in the construction world. I'll pass along things I've learned and things I've remembered, based on phone conversations throughout my day, along with reminders for you for your business. I'm also willing to post questions and answers - feel free to drop me a note at!

And if you get a chance, tell your friends and associates to check us out. My ultimate goal is improve the image of the construction industry, it will take every contractor's attention to do that. Thanks for stopping by!


I would be interested in subscribing to this blogs rss feed but am kinda new to this. Is it possible to get it via email? Peter in Tacoma

devon /

Peter -

Great question, and I'm working on it. At this time, I can't find anything that would notify you by email of a new post, but there are feed readers you can use to track our blog (and others, if you are interested).

When I have it resolved, I'll post it to the blog, probably on the right as a new Page so it's easy to find!

Thanks for your patience.



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