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Websites - what you don't know can cost you money

by Michael Stone

We hear regularly from construction business owners asking questions about websites. It is tough hearing some of the stories of what they've been through and the money they've wasted on shysters taking advantage of their ignorance. We'd like to give two pieces of advice.

  1. Educate yourself. Understand how websites work and what they really are before you make a commitment with someone to create your website. You need to know what they are talking about. Read the info we provide (free of charge).
  2. Purchase your own domain name. No matter who you are working with, your domain name is an asset and your name needs to be on the title. If you aren't sure who holds the title to your domain name, visit this site. Type in your domain name to see whose name appears as the Registrant and Administrative Contacts. If it isn't your name and you paid for the domain, contact whoever you paid to get your domain name and have the domain name transferred to your name. Until then your asset, the domain name you purchased, will be held captive by the person whose name appears and you can't do anything about it.

You can learn how to purchase a domain name on our webpage. If you don't already own a domain name, purchase one now - when you are ready to create your website, your host will help you connect your new website with that domain name.


Scott Avery (not verified) /

Our business has boomed in this economy because of the internet. We are working hard to close 200% (that's not a typo) growth in gross revenue this year. We wouldn't be near that number without diligent work on our web presence.


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