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Website Opinions

by Michael Stone

I get three or four requests a week from folks asking for my opinion on their website. As I have the time, I stop by to visit. All too often I find the same mistakes.

Now, my opinion on what is a mistake is only my opinion and you are free to disagree. But I will argue that if those mistakes are enough to cause me issues, they might be enough to keep potential clients from calling as well. Anything that impedes your ability to attract new business to your company is a problem. So, if you are not getting calls from your website, you might consider the following:

  1. Font size. Many web designers are young and have eyes like eagles. They can read a 6-point font at 300 yards. So that's what they use on your website. But the people who have the money to buy your services are normally much older and don't have that kind of vision. The smallest font on your web site should be at least 12 point and larger. How's this for a slogan – if you want a big business, you need a big font.
  2. Colors. If you have dark colors of any kind in the background, change it. Also, light print on a dark background is hard to read, just like a small font. Get rid of the black or dark brown or purple backgrounds, use dark print on the lighter background and make it easier for visitors to read what you have to say.
  3. Your phone number. It belongs in the top right corner of every page on your web site. How in the world can I call you for help if I can't find your phone number? Your phone number should be at least 2/3 the size of your company name and it should be in a plain, simple font, and easy to read at a distance.


Hi Michael

I do agree about having light colors and bigger font but i must add that this is just the begining to having a good website.
There are many other things a webmaster most consider to have success with a website.
It all starts with a good team of programmers and they are hard to find. (the good ones)
I know about this because my new website ( has had some issues with bad programming practice so i had to fire them and hire new programmers.
Once your site is built and ready for business you need traffic (lots of traffic) and this is the biggest challange for all webmasters.
You can have the nicest looking site with best colors and font etc.. that will not guarantee traffic.
Building a nice and functional website is just half the battle.
SEO - lots of content - keyword reaserch - social media - Marketing etc is needed to drive traffic to your site.

Good luck to all you new website owners and hope my article was helpfull.



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