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We Like to See The Good Guys Win!

Starting Over

by Michael Stone

Often, when we attempt and fail at something that we had great expectations for, we end up depressed. "Why didn't it work", "what did I do wrong", "now it's over", and other such thoughts rattle around in our head for days while we mull over what and why it went wrong. The truth is, stuff happens.

Denis Waitley, the well-known author and motivational teacher has a comment about failure. He said: "Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end."

Someone else said that the faster you make mistakes and the faster you fail, the sooner you win. When I was selling remodeling, I used to love having a customer tell me "No". That "no" meant I was that much closer to the next "yes". For me, it was a simple numbers game and it kept me going, even if I missed several sales in a row.

Don't get discouraged when you fail. Find the lesson to be learned, reset your time schedule, and have the courage to look for and follow the detour signs.


Phillip Henry (not verified) /

The construction industry, as a whole, is a "dog-eat-dog" industry. Most people in this industry love to see others fail. But, Michael Stone, and many others that follow Mr. Stone, truly want to see the good guys win. Well, I am one of the good guys.
Recently, I have failed. And, I failed miserably. I appreciate that encouragement from this post. I have asked myself alot of "why" questions. I was depressed. But, I have learned the lesson. I have refocused my dreams, goals, passions, and desire to win. I am trying to master the art of human ability, and have the courage to move forward.
Michael Stone, and all others involved...I thank you for not stepping on me while I am down. I pray and hope for your continued success in the future. *Adversity introduces a man to his true self*


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