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So Goes Your Business . . .

by Michael Stone

Many of you have heard me say, "As your marriage goes, so goes your business".

What I mean by that is that your marriage reflects you as a person - just like your business reflects you. The type of person you are will show in the strength of your marriage and in the strength of your business.

What I don't mean to say is that if your business is suffering, end the marriage so the business can improve.

Personal relationships will deteriorate if they aren't taken care of, and the result is often divorce. I talked to our pastor about this and he gave me a very valuable insight. He said, "Look beneath the surface and you will often find that there is equal blame on both sides."

But I'm a guy, and I'm going to talk to the men. Take a long hard look at yourself before you blame your lady for any personal or business problems you may have. We can be our own worst enemy. We let our big egos get in the way.

If you take my words wrong and decide to end your marriage to improve the business, think again. If your marriage is a mess and your business is a mess, look at yourself before you start blaming her. Unless and until you start treating your wife like the beautiful person she is, little else in your business or marriage will improve. If you can't treat your wife right, you are probably also not treating your employees, your specialty contractors or your customers with the respect they deserve.

In our newsletter, under the things to do section each month, we always add a sentence that encourages you to "fall in love with your spouse" again. Take them on a date. Tell them how special they are. Improve your marriage, and you will see the results in your business.


I have to give you high kudos for this article. As I have mentioned to you before, and I mention to those who are reading this article, you need to have a girlfriend as your wife. She was your girlfriend when you married her, so do everything in your power to keep her as your girlfriend as your wife.

I couldn't agree with you more about the importance of a strong marriage in any business. Gentlemen, if there is a strain in your relationship, try courting your wife again. She may resist, at first, because she has seen your actions in the past, and may think that you only want one thing. Keep it up. She will begin to she that she has once again become your queen, and you will be absolutely amazed at the results.

Michael Stone /


Thank you for that post. You are right on target my friend. Our ladies are our most important asset and hopefully, by our actions and the way we treat them, they will never have cause to doubt us.


JASON SCHEURER (not verified) /

I can't remember where I heard it, but my saying is easy to remember- A HAPPY WIFE IS A HAPPY LIFE! I try to please my wife with flowers, gifts and little special things around the house. DO NOT FORGET ANNIVERSARIES AND BIRTHDAYS!! THIS IS A NO-NO. It could make you have a heart attack! Guys, don't get mad if they buy things for the house. If you need to remodel your bath or kitchen, do it if you can afford it. Use your subs for this! Remember you have a business to run and they are the professionals. We just tell them what to do. If you aren't making enough money to afford some things around your own house, then you are not charging enough for your work.


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