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Selling Today

by Michael Stone

I spoke this morning with a client who purchased our Markup & Profit book and class and Profitable Sales Book and Video a year ago. He lost his copy of Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide.

He told me he's selling 90% of the calls he goes on - and he owes the success of the business he and his father are operating to what he learned from the books and videos. Some of what he said -

"What do you need to be a successful salesperson? Self-confidence and emotional control. How do you get that? Knowledge."

"People pay thousands of dollars for self-help seminars, traveling across the country to sit and listen to someone tell them what to do - they can buy these videos for $300, listen at home wearing their bunny slippers and learn more than they'd get in a 4-year college education!"

"These books have changed our business and our lives - Michael is a genius."

Thank you, Phillip! If anyone in Texas finds a copy of Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide covered with highlighting, let us know, it belongs to him.


I first attended Mike's class in 1999 when I first started my business. I am amazed at the amount of contractors that have never studied sales. Some have prospered but a lot of the "I never advertise" guys are sitting around with nothing to do now. I have continually advertised and marketed my business for the following 10 years and I am ending my best year ever. Sales and marketing is imperative. The business gurus are invaluable. What can you learn from going to a seminar versus just reading the book? A boatload. Everything you do is selling yourself, branding yourself or your business. It is simple and all the gurus say roughly the same thing but you need to hear it over and over. Do what a successful business/person does and you will get similar results. The ones who pay attention will see the marketing everywhere. Watch it, learn from it and apply it. It can be from a speaker like Michael or to your kid trying to sell you on letting them watch more tv. I think everything is selling and it is a science not a inherited gene. Just my 2 cents.


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