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Construction Contractors - Stay Focused

by Michael Stone

Alfred E. Neuman used to say, "What, me worry?" Many construction-related business owners are worrying, and we know that. What can you do?

Well, there are two things you must do and there can be little doubt about either of them. The first thing you must do is keep focused on sales. That means advertising 24/7/365. None of this "cutting our advertising because money is tight" nonsense. Money is tight because you haven't been doing a good job of advertising. Read more about Construction Contractors - Stay Focused

Practicing What We Preach

by Michael Stone

One of our goals is to improve the image of the construction industry. We're doing that by educating contractors on how to conduct themselves as professional businessmen. If enough construction-related businesses operate professionally, the buying public will treat contractors like the legitimate, professional business owners that most of them are.

One of our readers, Shawn Van Dyke of RedBud Construction Services, a professional contractor, shared a note he recently received from a homeowner (edited for clarity and brevity): Read more about Practicing What We Preach

Customer Games with Your Money

by Michael Stone

I believe a majority of the conflicts I see as an expert witness, arbitrator, consultant and business coach are a direct result of a lack of respect for our profession. I served as expert witness last week and this attitude was obvious from both the owner and his attorney. I'm not sure about the judge, but it was clear that he was not happy that his precious court time was being used by yet another fight between an owner and a contractor. Read more about Customer Games with Your Money



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